Causes of swollen feet in pregnancy and treatment methods

The problem of swelling of the feet in pregnancy may be exposed to many pregnant women, especially with the progress in pregnancy and do the work of the house, what causes swelling of the feet in pregnancy and how can be treated

The causes of swelling of the feet in pregnancy are due to hormonal changes which lead to the relaxation of the ligaments and joints of the pelvis in preparation for the birth also leads to the relaxation of the ligaments and other joints in the body, including the foot, where these changes are normal and necessary, Foot (plantar fascia) expands under the influence of excess weight of the body; as a result, the bow may lose some of its supporting force, so the feet become more flat and width, and may be the size of a full shoe.

The changes associated with pregnancy throughout the body, especially swelling of the feet due to the natural warming of fluids during pregnancy, often occur, and the feet may accumulate additional fat if the weight gain is noticeable.

As well as to stand for long periods and stress causing swelling of the feet and legs or diabetes of pregnancy or frequent eating foods rich in salts such as pickles that lead to water retention and swelling of the feet.

The basic treatment methods add that swelling of the feet should disappear shortly after birth, but the removal of other changes and the return of feet to normal size and shape may take up to six months.

Do not wear high heels during pregnancy, just a small height of 2-3 cm.

Do not eat salted foods, processed meat with a high sodium content cause swelling of the feet, other than preservatives that harm the health of mother and fetus.

Rely on a healthy diet of vegetables and fresh fruit.

Do not take any medications during pregnancy unless you have essential vitamins and supplements or a prescription according to your condition.

Drink plenty of pure water to wash the kidney and expel toxins that cause swollen feet.

Lift the feet on the pillow after returning from work, and try to relax on the feet to be higher than the level of the body slightly.

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