Causes of sweating of the two legs

Sweating is normal, but there may be some things that lead to excessive and increased sweating of the two men, making it a problem that embarrass the owner but what causes the sweat of the two men This is what we will know through this article, sweating is the exit of toxins from the body so that the temperature can be regulated, But when you feel excessive sweating in the hands or feet, we must stop to find out the reasons, and your magazine Rajim will inform you about all the causes of perspiration of the two men followed us.Causes of sweating of the two legs

There may be sweating in both men unnaturally and omitting to know the reasons behind the truth and the most important of these reasons :.

The most important causes of sweating of the two men, endocrine infections that lead to hyperthyroidism.

This is because they are responsible for the distribution of the human body.

The sweating of the two men occurs when there is tension and exposure to some psychological crises, and the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue continued.

Human exposure to some respiratory diseases such as lethargy, flu, colds, as well as nasal pockets.

This is in addition to :.Sweating the two legs

  • Diabetes.
  • A break occurs in .
  • Pituitary and lymphoma tumors.
  • People with hypertension.
  • Injuries that occur in the spine.

Treatment of sweating of the two legs

The causes of sweating can be cured by using some recipes such as:.

  • Apple vinegar and rose water

By mixing two equal amounts and placing them on the legs 2 times a day.

  • Corn Starch

Dry the two legs and place two amounts of cornstarch with baking soda. The mixture can be used daily.

  • Lemon

Serve lemonade with some baking soda and make a paste and place on both legs on a daily basis.

  • Ginger

You can make a paste of water and ginger and then put on a daily basis on the legs and this for an hour, and continue for a period of not more than a week, so as not to be exposed to the men to dry.

  • Tea

Black tea is one of the reasons that prevent the sweating of men by eating it daily for 3 times a day.

Magnesium-filled foods can control thyroid secretions, and include substances that can reduce and reduce those foods.

  1. Beans.
  2. Avocado.
  3. Maize.
  4. Potatoes.
  5. the banana.

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