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Are you looking for a cure for a problem that is causing you a real problem with others? Did you know that snoring is not only a voice from the nose but rather a real problem in your mind, but what are the causes of this phenomenon and how can it be eliminated?Snore photos

Dr. Mohamed Othman, Professor of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery, tells us that snoring is a voice that is released from the mouth and nose together at sleep due to a defect in the airway or obstruction. It shows that the nose functions from air cooling to the lung, The airway exits the air again through the breath of the mouth leading to this sound, which is snoring, so snoring is a health problem and not just a reason to disturb others.

The problem of snoring may occur to any person, whether small or large. Snoring occurs when the person can not take the air and remove it through the nose or mouth freely. 
The sound is caused by the tongue, upper throat, soft palate and throat, as well as large tonsils and nasopharyngeal veins that vibrate against each other. 
People find themselves snoring at the people they live with. The children know they are snoring from their brother or sister or from a friend who sleeps with them. Snoring makes your companion cry out and sleep because of the sound from you.

Here are the main causes of snoring:Causes of snoring

  • First: Seasonal can make the nose in a state of suffocation and push them to snoring.
  • Second: Closing nasal passages or airways due to cold or sinusitis can cause snoring of the first degree.
  • Third: When the deviation of the nasal barrier between the nostrils leads to snoring and a minor operation may lead to correcting the status quo.
  • Fourth: Enlarged tonsils or inflammation leads to snoring This problem is the main cause of snoring in children.
  • Fifth: Drinking alcohol leads to the relaxation of the tongue and muscles of the throat leading to snoring.
  • VI: Weight gain caused the narrow airways and many people who are overweight are snoring.

Snoring is a serious sleep symptom known as apnea. The breath stops for short periods of sleep between 30 and 300 times at night. This is a big problem if a person does not get enough oxygen. 
Getting rid of snoring People with this disorder often wake up with headache attacks and a sense of snoring during conversation with someone or while driving. Children affected by sleep apnea are noted for their irritability and difficulty in thinking, especially in school and with homework.

Othman says that this situation leads to many problems, including disorders of the respiratory system and the incidence of congestion in perjury, and the subject is not limited to those diseases, which may lead to problems greater, especially when the amount of oxygen entering the lungs, which causes problems Heart and nervous system and irregular blood circulation.

Osman points out that the person who snores is also a problem, not just the one who sleeps with him. Snoring causes sleep disturbances and anxiety, which makes the person wake up in a state of exhaustion and insomnia. 
Snoring also leads to a desire to sleep at times other than normal sleep .Cure Snoring

Snoring is diagnosed by placing the patient on a device to measure the activity of the brain with the movement of muscles with the measurement of blood oxygen ratios, of course, the main diagnosis is the complaint of the patient and around him.

In order to get rid of this distressing problem by not eating directly before bedtime, and the person can be given some medicines, but the treatment of surgery is the best treatment and results are mostly guaranteed.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office (this place where an idea or invention is registered), and hundreds of anti-snoring devices on the market. Some of these devices wake you up when you snore and unfortunately it may work just because it keeps you awake 
Some of the strips worn by football players through their noses, which look like a bandage is another device to combat snoring It helps the players to breathe easily. Some people wear these strips in an attempt to stop snoring. 
Other snoring solutions include tilting the upper part of the bed to several inches higher, changing sleep from back to back, not eating a heavy meal, not drinking alcohol, and may succeed with mild snoring or snoring at distant occasions.
If you can not stop the snoring and the situation becomes very good to visit the doctor is able to examine the nasal passages and tonsils and diet and decide if the cause and need to be surgical. 
Some people need to lose weight, change food quality, and develop normal sleep patterns to stop snoring. 
It may be helpful to keep stuffed animals, pets, and feather pillows out of the bedrooms. Your doctor may suggest medicines for allergies or congestion due to colds.
If someone stops breathing during sleep, the doctor will ask for an examination to monitor the person during sleep. This is usually done in a sleep center (a medical building that contains sleep control equipment) and a person connected with instruments that measure the heartbeat, oxygen levels, carbon dioxide, eye movement, chest wall movement, and airflow through the nose. The doctor can then tell if a person has a disorder such as sleep apnea, which is unique in the test, that it does not hurt at all and can sleep during the test without any discomfort. 
Doctors can know the bugs and how to solve them usually with lifestyle changes, sometimes medications, or surgery, if necessary. 
Solving the problem of snoring allows everyone to breathe and sleep comfortably and deeply.

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