Causes of recurrent abscess

Problems always cause deep pain and cracking in different directions, and one of the most difficult dental problems faced by a person is toothpaste, and what makes it worse is the recurrence of the infection many times because the person can not cure the main cause of abscess, we have devoted this article to review The most important details about the causes of abscess teeth in addition to the most important symptoms.Upper abscess

A dental abscess is a pharyngeal group that occurs in the gums near the teeth and causes severe pain in the entire body, which can be easily detected. It is more prominent in the mouth and causes swelling in several areas of the body, resulting from neglect of oral and dental hygiene, Of the residue of food, which leads to the bacteria that are attached to the teeth until the root or internal pulp and mucus causing tooth abscess, which needs immediate treatment under the supervision of the doctor, and the discovery of the real reason to be until it is uprooted from the roots.Complications of dental abscess

The causes of recurrent tooth abscess are due to lack of personal hygiene and full dental care, which, once exposed to chronic problems such as caries or abscess, cause serious health damage to the rest of the body.

Dental decay is one of the main causes of recurrent tooth abscess. Caries begins to decay within the tooth or tooth until reaching the base or root, which causes it to completely corrode to reach the soft tooth, causing it to be inflamed and then dislodged due to careless treatment. Pus or pus and compose abscess.

Gingivitis causes many problems in the teeth and mouth in general if neglected, where complications occur, most important are the abscess teeth and cause pain in the mouth and the whole body.

There are many reasons to break the teeth either by accident or due to lack of calcium in the body, causing the opportunity to be repeated abscess teeth, it gives the opportunity for bacteria and bacteria to reach the internal tooth and work to spoil and damage; causing severe infections resulting in abscess.Causes of gingival abscess

  • The unpleasant smell of the mouth.
  • Feeling the taste of salty pus in the mouth.
  • Pain in the mouth, gums and stretching of the neck and ear.
  • Swelling of the infected area inside and outside the mouth, and becomes more red.
  • High temperature due to inflammation.
  • Excessive dental sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages.

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