Causes of rashes after marriage

One of the most common problems that men or women suffer after marriage is gaining a significant increase in weight, especially in the abdomen and waist, causing them a state of extreme discomfort, feeling confused and searching for the reasons that lead to weight gain especially after marriage. We address the most important reasons for the emergence of rumen after marriage and treatment methods.

The most important reasons for the appearance of rumen after marriage

After a few months of marriage most couples suffer from the appearance of rashes in the abdomen, and studies have already proved that couples are more likely to have the emergence of belly crunches after marriage more than any other category, due to several factors that result in the emergence of rumen,

Eat fast food

Couples rely heavily on eating fast food during the first months of marriage, saving time and effort, and enjoying their emotional life, which increases the factors of the emergence of rumen in the abdomen.

Frequent heavy banquet

Couples who are married immediately do a lot of feasts and feasts for friends and family. These include a large amount of fatty foods that contain a high proportion of saturated fat that builds up in the abdomen, and increased consumption of sweets and soft drinks.

Lack of thinking

When the couple achieve their dream, they live in a state of emotional stability and psychological peace, which become a little thinking and this opens the appetite to eat foods, especially sugary foods that contain a large proportion of sugar and fat, as well as the desire to eat carbohydrates that store fat in areas Belly and buttocks.

Frequent sexual intercourse

Although sexual intercourse helps lose weight, it also causes the couple to feel a desire to eat large foods, especially fatty and heavy foods, causing the storage of fat quickly in many different areas of the body, and this leads to the emergence of size The rumen and buttocks markedly.

Increased feelings of laziness

It is the bad habits of most couples, especially men, after a short period of marriage, which is the lack of movement and increase the sense of laziness and muzzle, increasing the desire to sleep for longer hours, while increasing the eating Eastern sweets and Western, which is one of the biggest factors of weight gain and the emergence of rashes in couples.

Wrong habits are one of the most important causes of rashes after marriage

The husband also follows some habits that may be very bad and cause the appearance of the rumen and prominent in the abdomen, and a significant increase in weight in multiple areas of the body, and the most famous of these habits:

  • Sleeping after eating meals directly from the most common habits followed by couples during the first months of marriage.
  • Eat lots of games such as nuts and peanuts while watching a romantic movie at dinner or a comedy program.
  • Increase the sense of psychological comfort and recreation, which makes the couple do not move much and feel lazy, and refused to exercise.
  • Preparing the wife a lot of meals at the beginning of marriage and stand long hours to prepare the most delicious and delicious varieties that carry a lot of calories.
  • Lack of movement of newly married couples due to prolonged sitting at home.
  • Changing the eating habits of the couple and this is normal.

Methods of disposal of rumen

– The need for exercise and physical activities in the morning, this is one of the strongest weapons that eliminate the rumen. 
– Eat  green tea every day in the early morning on the stomach, where it works to melt fat quickly.
Grease the abdomen with ginger cream, which is to mix a tablespoon of ginger powder with honey and a tablespoon of hot water daily.

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