Causes of obesity in children

Obesity is an increase in fat in the body due to various factors, including the lack of physical activities properly and stay away from the right nutrition as there are also genetic and psychological factors. 
And the injury of the child obesity is harmful to him as with the health of the adult and show these effects in childhood and after reaching adulthood. 
– The following are the main reasons that lead to children’s obesity: 
– Calorie imbalance in the body:
This occurs because of the child’s eating of foods containing many calories can not be burned all the body, which causes the accumulation of fat in the body. 
– Inheritance: The
child is sometimes obese because of a genetic disease that occurs in the endocrine or that one of the parents or immediate relatives with obesity. 
– Chemical drugs:
If the child has a disease that makes him take a chemical drug such as epilepsy or cortisone drugs, it increases his body weight. 
– Stay away from physical activities: 
Children currently prefer games that do not exercise, such as computer games or mobile phones and this leads to the lack of burning calories properly, leading to the accumulation in the body in the form of fat. 
– Psychological disorders:
The general climate in which the child lives may be unstable, leading to psychological injury, which relieves the tension and anxiety in eating too much, leading to increased body weight. 
– Eat healthy food:
The child may accept to eat fast food and ready-made, which contain high proportions of fat and carbohydrates and sugars, including soft drinks and fried foods hydrogenated oils, which causes the acquisition of high calories can not be burned. 
– You may be able to learn that your baby is starting to gain weight and you are doing this before the condition worsens by knowing your symptoms: 
– Shortness of breath. 
– Difficulty of movement and physical activities. 
– Unable to wear traditional clothing easily. 
– Eat more than normal. 
– The increase in the weight of the child may lead to some serious health complications, some of which are listed below: 
– Exposure to sleep apnea syndrome, the air passages in the back of the ring and start to snore loudly.
– Exposure to involuntary urination and incontinence disease. 
– The difficulty in concentrating and performing various activities and the continuous physical fatigue. 
– Exposure to high blood pressure and the incidence of heart disease, arteries and diabetes. 
– The incidence of mental illness that may result from the irony of his peers, leading to isolation. 
– Difficulty walking and movement due to swelling of the hips and feet. 
– Skin injury is fragile, making it susceptible to skin diseases easily. 
– Malfunction of males with excessive growth of female glands such as enlarged breasts size and injury to female growth of excessive female glands such as growth of hair excess. 
– You can make your child do the following to get rid of excess body weight: 
– Increase the exercise of physical activities such as exercise. 
– Choose healthy diets that give him a few calories.
– Remove him from the causes of psychological tension by addressing the problems that cause it. 
Protect your child from your pregnancy and after birth so that you do not get hurt later.

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