Causes of non – eye movement

The movement of the eye involuntarily Many people get a tremor, whether for days, weeks or hours, and repeated with them in their years of life, and may be very disturbing if the long stay with the person, what are the causes of this tremor or as people call the eye palpable and called others pulse of an eye, Fitting herCauses of non – eye movement

The involuntary movements of the eye may be the result of a malady in an eye’s nerves. There are three nerves that control the eye, or may be a central cause of the brain or perhaps for a psychological reason. The psychological causes are predominant and the most disturbing of the things that lead to these involuntary movements , These rapid muscle contractions sometimes occur in other cases around the eye, and in my opinion they may be psychological and I do not think they are of organic origin.

  • Eye irritation
  • Eyelid Stress
  • fatigue
  • Lack of sleep
  • Physical exertion
  • Side effects medication
  • Stress
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco or caffeine

Causes of non – eye movement

When the eyelids cramps are caused by disorders of the brain and nerves, they can occur the following complications:

  1. Bell’s paralysis (facial paralysis):  a condition that causes one side of the face to go down.
  2. Muscle dysfunction :  which causes unexpected muscle spasms, especially in the area affected by sprains
  3. Muscle dysfunction:  which causes random spasm and the head to turn into areas such as eyelid.
  4. Multiple Sclerosis (MS):  a disease of the central nervous system that causes problems in perception and movement, as well as fatigue.
  5. Parkinson’s disease:  which can cause limbs to tremble, muscle stiffness, balance problems and difficulty of speech
  6. Tourette syndrome:  characterized by involuntary movement.
  7. Untreated corneal scratching:  which can cause eyelid cramps.

Causes of non – eye movement

The first step to treat eye rheumatism is to diagnose the cause. Therefore, you should know the reasons that lead to the palpitations of your eye to avoid the paleness of the eye, if it comes as a result of pressure, tension or nervousness, avoid these things, as well as if you come as a result of strong light after you were in the dark For a period of time, avoid the light using glasses, although caused by dry eye for a lot of staring and a lack of eyelash, you should return yourself to eyelash every few minutes once so as not to lead to dry eye

And to get rid of the palate of the eye is advised to rest fully with drinking good amounts of water and not to eat before sheltering the bed, and this maintains the health of the liver because some problems of rheumatism caused by an imbalance between the liver and gallbladder in your body

If epilepsy or chronic eyelid is preferred, it is recommended to take 9 grams of gastrobia uncaria for ten days, and can be combined with another substance called Relaxed Wandrer.

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