Causes of Nipple Pain for Non – Lactating

Nipples are one of the biggest problems that many women face. It may be simple and tolerable, but in some cases the pain is greater than the woman’s ability to tolerate, especially if the woman is not breastfeeding. Sometimes a pain in a nipple , or being unsatisfied, is a matter of great concern, and these concerns prompted us to provide you through this article, in order to clarify the causes of pain nipples non-nursing in detail.

There are several causes of nipple pain, some may be a sign of a major problem, and it may be temporary, as a result of one of the external factors affecting , and we will try to shed light on these reasons, with solutions to solve this problem.

This pain may be due to the friction nipples process, with the bra, which may not be suitable or narrow, making it leads to feeling this pain, especially with a continuous movement, which often happens to women during exercise, so I always recommend that you wear Sports bras, before doing these exercises, to avoid such a thing, and the sports suspenders also prevent the relaxation of the chest, from exercise.

Menstrual period and one of the periods, passing women , during which many of the hormonal changes that affect the mental and physical condition as well, and we find that there is a ratio of not a few suffer from pain in the nipple area, in the days preceding the arrival of , something you should not have to worry about it at all , As this pain will disappear after two or three days at most.

Pain in the area of ​​the nipple may be a serious sign of breast cancer, especially if the pain is in one hand only, so immediately after feeling such a presentation, you should go to a specialist doctor, in order to quickly detect the disease in its early stages.

Many women suffer from increased breast size, pain in the area of ​​the nipples, and the color of the nipples have changed to dark color, with small grains sometimes appearing in the area.

It may seem a bit strange, but it is a reality. Some women are allergic to the skin, leading to pain in the nipple area, due to the use of certain cosmetics, such as soap, shower liquid, or aromatic moisturizers.

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