Causes of Nipple Pain for Girls

Causes of pain Nipples for girls Some women feel pain in the nipple, what causes. Nipple pain often occurs due to hormonal changes in women before the cycle occurs on the body of the woman before ,During pregnancy and lactation, or at menopause.

Signs and symptoms of nipple inflammation

Dreamy breast

  • Cracking
  • Redness
  • The areas are shiny
  • Fluid secretions such as pus or clear fluid coming from the nipple
    Causes of pain in the nippleChest nipples
  • If the nipple is infected with a natural result, and if you feel severe burning and tingling in the area of ​​the chest nipple, this means that you have a disease of castles. Castles are a spread of the bacteria, so you should see your doctor to prescribe the appropriate treatment to get rid of the pain.
  • Raynod’s disease: If the nipples turn white when exposed to cold air directly, or if you feel severe burning in the nipples, this means that you have Raynaud’s disease.
  • Eczema or inflammation : If you suffer from severe itching in the nipples, this may be a cause of inflammation of the skin or skin injury eczema dermatitis, and the result of the emergence of such diseases and infections use creams and loshin for the body or by swimming in the swimming pools Chlorinated
  • Wear the bra for long periods of time and do not change it continuously.
  • Excessive intake of food may expose you to pain and pain in the breast, especially eating foods that are high in fat and caffeine such as chocolate and coffee.
  • Some hormonal changes may affect the body


Some ways to prevent breast pain

  • Check with your doctor and advise him to prescribe some pain relievers.
  • Dry and dry your nipples using a hair dryer, but you should adjust it to a warm temperature and not hot.
  • Use yogurt to treat breast pain by placing two drops of milk on your nipples and leaving the milk to dry
  • Tea and by placing warm tea bags on the nipple for 2 minutes to clean the breast.

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