Causes of night sweats during sleep

Some people suffer from night sweating problems, where the body produces a much more abundant rate than normal, and when the actual cause of perspiration is not available at night, it is necessary to look at the organic causes, which indicate a person suffering from a specific disease or infection What is the body, and can be inferred from the reasons through the work of the necessary tests, and below we review the main causes of night sweats during sleep, and how to overcome them.

It is the secretion of the body to sweat at a higher rate during sleep at night, which results in full wetting of clothes and bed sheets. The problem of sweating at night may be somewhat embarrassing for the affected person, but it is a sign of a malfunction of the body. As soon as the person wakes up.

There are many physical causes of night sweats, which include:Night sweats and anxiety

Bacterial infections cause inflammation in the body, which raises the body temperature, and therefore the body works to increase the secretion of sweat to get rid of excess heat and restore the body to normal temperature.

Increased thyroid activity causes excessive sweating during the night, helping to speed the metabolism, which affects the person in terms of high body temperature, and feeling very thirsty as a result of sweat secretion profusely.

The vision of nightmares and disturbing dreams is one of the reasons that raise the rate , which results in increased secretion of sweat during sleep.Causes of sweating during sleep and cold air

Disorders caused by a person’s diabetes, which is a high or low blood level , is one of the main causes of sweating at night, which must be contained immediately after feeling so as not to get a person with a bout of sugar.

Some drugs cause excessive sweating as one of their side effects. The most important of these drugs are antihypertensive drugs. They help to modify body temperature and eliminate high heat through excessive sweat secretion.

Women experience a sudden rise in body temperature, resulting in increased sweating at night to regulate body temperature again.Causes of sweating during sleep

  • The inclusion of flaxseed in the diet, it works to reduce the activity of glands responsible for race.
  • Enjoy a refreshing bath before going to bed.
  • Wear comfortable clothes made of soft cotton.
  • Regularity in the exercise of relaxation and breathing, it relieves the person from feeling anxious.

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