Causes of menstrual irregularity for unmarried women

Do not be surprised if you have a regular session because the girl’s body needs almost two years to organize the process. No need for any concern or distress caused by the sudden descent of the cycle only Doni date of descent and ending in a special note will benefit you to know the regularity of the session per month and if the period exceeded If your course is more than two years old, you should check with your doctor .Causes of menstrual irregularity for unmarried women

Here’s a sample ready-made notebook where we do not name the months and days until you start using them when your period starts.

Causes of menstrual irregularity for unmarried women

Do not worry, the period of descent lasts from 5 to 7 days, which varies from one girl to another. Blood flow is more frequent in the early days of the cycle and gradually diminishes until it is fully over. 
Do not worry about increasing the amount of liquid (blood) because the descending blood is surplus to the need of the body as your body gradually compensation.

PMS pain

Causes of menstrual irregularity for unmarried women

PMS pain Some girls feel very upset during the period of the session because of the severe pain they suffer from. 
The pain may continue during the first two days of the cycle, and you may feel heavy down and back. So far the real cause of the pain has not been known, but some studies suggest that some women produce a lot of prostaglandin, a type of chemical produced by the body, This article to shrink the uterus produces a feeling of colic.

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