Causes of lower abdominal pain during menstruation

There are a number of symptoms that are one of the most important causes of the lower abdomen during the month of the month of the woman’s body changes some, specifically in the uterus and ovary, which is known as the “menstrual cycle or menstrual cycle,” and vary from one woman to another in the dates and also in the aches accompanying to her.Lumbar abdominal pain during menstruation

After the women suffer from severe pain in the lower abdomen, and others extend the pain to the top back to the back, or down in the thighs, and lose the female vitality in this period and activity and become in a state of inactivity.

In this period, the uterus contains a very large amount of blood and rotten tissue that the body wants to get rid of, and the uterus is removed from it, and here lies the causes of this severe pain, because the uterus occurs in it These contractions increase the aches in the lower abdomen and thighs, because they are closer to the uterus. As for the severity of these aches from one woman to another, it is related to the nature of the body itself. There are women who suffer from tumors Fibrous, and other have inflammation T or the cervix has tight control over all of these things increase the pain.Lower abdominal pain during menstruation

Most women with severe pain associated with menstrual cycle lose their ability to endurance, and look for any way to relieve them pain, and the safest ways harmless to resort to , and prefer to avoid medical drugs because many of them cause many damage ..Natural herbs to relieve menstrual pain

  • Sperm
  • Thyme
  • Mocha plant
  • Black cohosh plant
  • Herb St. John
  • Ginkgo herb
  • Herb the palm of Mary
  • Wild yam plant
  • chrome
  • Calcium and magnesium
  • Do not eat large amounts of food, taking into consideration the selection of light foods, easy to digest, and completely away 
    from fries and fatty foods.
  •  Sleep for long periods, avoid heavy weights, but can do light sports not tired because it 
    helps greatly reduce stress and psychological comfort.
  •  Reduce the amount of beverages that contain caffeine, and the proliferation of natural beverages and especially hot, 
    because it helps to relax the muscles of the abdomen and reduce the severity of pain.
  •  The water can be used as a hot drink, so that it is placed directly down the abdomen or in place of pain.
  •  During the menstrual cycle, it is preferable to exercise and yoga.

If your menstrual cycle is some of the cramps, cramps or aches mentioned above in the previous lines, 
it is not disturbing and natural .. But there are signs if they talk with you, you should expose myself to a doctor, including:

  1. If there are long, uninterrupted and painful cramps even after the end of the usual period of two or three days.
  2. If you notice the abundance of menstrual blood and the continuity of the duration of more than 5 days .. You may be in the case of bleeding, 
    you should consult your doctor immediately.
  3. If the menstrual cycle preceded the smells of foul odor or after the end, because often these secretions often 
    depend on the presence of infections and problems in the lining of the uterus.

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