Causes of itching in sensitive genital areas

Many women face problems because of the itching in sensitive genital areas and surrounding areas with a lot of inquiries and research to find out what are the causes of itching in areas sensitive to genital and mastered in the following lines with the distinction between different types of itching.

Itching is always temporary in sensitive genital areas. If it lasts for more than three days, it is recommended that a specialist should be consulted.

The itch is divided into two types, the first of which is caused by suffering from inflammation, a symptom of the disease is not a disease of its own while the other type is linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes, allergies and menopause, as well as for hygiene reasons and not wearing comfortable underwear.

We offer you a range of common causes of genital herpes, with some effective ways to treat it.

First causes itching in sensitive genital areas

Are common diseases in women caused by fungi called “Candida”.

It is a skin disease resulting from itching, which is not contagious and causes the presence of white psoriasis spots in the genital area along with some other symptoms such as redness and cracking .

Many sexually transmitted diseases cause itching, including trichomoniasis, and diseases that are advised to be alert to itching when it produces secretions that tend to yellowish green and result in white cracks in the skin.

Choosing unsuitable underwear can cause allergies, particularly if the clothes are not cottony, scented or narrow. It is also advised not to use perfumed soap to clean sensitive areas. This may cause itching and may result in bacterial infections.

In this case, itching is one of the symptoms of vaginal infections and is not a disease in itself, and produces in the woman the smells very unpleasant.

Many women have resorted to using the code to shave the hair of sensitive areas, which results in itching, especially when the hair begins to grow.

Feeling anxious and stressed is the most prominent cause of itching in most areas of the body and not only in sensitive genital areas.

When estrogen is low in women with menopause.

Low hygiene in the genital areas leads to a lot of risk which leads to the accumulation of secretions and sweat and then results in the growth of bacteria and fungi.

The doctor is referred to a specialist in the case of continued itching for more than three days and start the doctor in the necessary tests to know the reasons that led to the treatment is according to the situation, whether through creams and drugs and there are cases that require treatment by .

Doctors recommend itching in the genital areas to give up soap and resort to light medical disinfectants and prefer to use the baths twice a day with emphasis on the drying of sensitive areas gently infected and wearing light cotton clothes, non-scented and careful to clean.

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