Causes of iron deficiency in the human body

Causes of Iron Deficiency in the Human Body The human body needs a certain amount of iron to make hemoglobin, a protein in the blood that distributes oxygen to the tissues of the body and works normally. Iron deficiency in the body may lead to anemia if the problem is not addressed.Causes of iron deficiency in the human body

Anemia is a functional deficit, which is the inability of the blood to supply the tissues and cells of the body with sufficient oxygen to cover the functions of metabolism in the body, which means that all cells of the body need oxygen to produce energy. 
Anemia is usually associated with low levels of hemoglobin HB and / or reduced hematocrit size (stacked cells), and / or a decrease in the number of RBCs.Chronic fatigue: It is one of the most common symptoms of iron deficiency. This deficiency causes less oxygen to reach the tissues of the body, so the body does not generate the energy it needs. Fatigue is usually accompanied by a problem of concentration, a feeling of weakness and an increase in anger on small things.2 – yellowing of the face: hemoglobin gives the blood red color, so the face is usually pink. Whenever the hemoglobin is deficient in the body, the skin is tinged.3. Hair loss and nail fracture: When the oxygen level in the blood decreases, the body uses the amount in it to meet the vital organs’ needs. The hair falls and the nails become weak because of the lack of oxygen.

The most important causes of iron deficiency in the body , bad tea and coffee with foods containing iron, absorption problems and may be a case for the disease of celiac called wheat allergy patients with this disease and do not know about their condition continue to eat wheat, causing them In the occlusion of the veins of absorption and worsen the situation until the patient gets serious blood cowsCauses of iron deficiency in the human body- Red meat, poultry and seafood.- Beans, peas, quinoa and oats.- Paper such as spinach, watercress and rocca.- Dried fruits such as raisins and apricots.- The iron body absorbs more meat than other sources. If you are taking a vegetarian diet, you should eat more iron-rich vegetable foods to make up for the deficiency. Choose foods that contain vitamin C to promote iron absorption such as broccoli and kiwi.

Treatment of iron deficiency in the blood begins by taking iron supplements, which are described by the doctor to meet the shortage and increase the low levels of iron in your body. Iron supplements are usually iron sulfate, taken in the form of tablets two to three times a day. Some people may suffer from side effects when they are taken: constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, dark black stool, and abdominal pain. The patient may get used to it in time or be replaced by another type.

In addition, it is advisable to eat iron-rich food sources and to avoid habits that may affect the absorption of iron in your body. You may need a blood test that measures blood hemoglobin levels every two to four weeks, all of which will of course be of no use if the underlying underlying problem is not addressed. Iron and anemia. For example, if the cause is a drug, an alternative medicine may be prescribed, or if the cause is the problem of the heavy menstrual problem, there are certainly drugs that help solve the problem, or surgical intervention may be necessary!Causes of iron deficiency in the human body

  • When ingestion of iron sources of food it is recommended to avoid foods that contain calcium such as milk and its derivatives, which may affect the absorption of iron in the body.
  • Vitamin C supplements are recommended for foods that contain iron as they promote absorption and promote it. The most famous sources of vitamin C are citrus, kiwi, and turkey pepper.
  • Tea and coffee from beverages that may negatively affect the absorption of iron and avoid eating with the foods that contain it. This is because tea contains tannin, which prevents the absorption of iron if taken with a meal containing iron, or immediately afterwards.
  • Whole grains, which are a source of iron, but because they contain phytic acid, can not be relied upon as a single source of iron. This is because phytic acid prevents iron absorption in the body from other sources.
  • Antibacterials (proton pump inhibitors), medicines that are used to relieve indigestion.

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