Causes of insomnia when sleeping

Causes of sleep Insomnia is a psychological problem that affects negatively on human health, insomnia affects the human without warning and let him puzzled by the matter, wondering about the causes of insomnia and how to overcome itCauses of insomnia when sleeping

Insomnia is the difficulty that a person experiences in sleeping during the night, which forces him to spend long and exhausting sleep in an attempt to sleep, and this is the most painful and most painful thing for a man suffering from tiredness and weakness in his body and nerves. You find Murad turn right and north, and the various scandals, but without interest, and then the thoughts and thoughts and memories in a confused mixed and confused between the pictures.

  • If insomnia lasts nights and nights, you will find the insomniac person decomposing and weakening his strength and abstaining from any activity
  •  The mind stops production
  •  The insensitive individual becomes dark, sharp and pessimistic
  • The person with insomnia tends to loneliness and loneliness
  • He hates society and has a dark look for its manifestations, then hates itself and hates life completely.

Causes of insomnia when sleeping

There are several reasons for insomnia, including the following:

  • Addiction to smoking and drinking alcohol and drug use, and the containment of toxins affect the nerves and lose calm and rest.
  • It may be a pathogenic organic cause of the heart, kidney, liver, brain or nerves
  • Insomnia affects people with neurogenia, hysteria and schizophrenia
  • Cause of digestion due to a meal saturated with fat and meat or burdened with legumes

Causes of insomnia when sleeping

  • The first thing to recommend is to go to bed early and take off the habit of a long night. An hour at night is better than sleeping hours in the day, especially the hours before midnight.
  • Take care to set a specific hour for immortality
  • Stay away from nightingale in order to do manual or mental work at night.
  • Take care of the good ventilation of the bedroom because the toxins emitted from the process of breathing, one gets idle without entering the fold
  • Good ventilation of the room helps the red blood cells to do its work and blood purification and purification of toxins and impurities, and therefore the oxygen food needed for the brain and nerves
  • Have a light dinner, preferably meat-free
  • The fee of the mind to lie down and read aloud in a monotonous voice or to listen to quiet music
  • The bathroom is lukewarm because it regulates circulation, calms nerves and helps members relax
  • It is also recommended to avoid insomnia, soak your feet in a little cool water, so that the blood pressure from the brain to his feet
  • For the treatment of insomnia, advice from Dr. “Ivy Holden” “To sleep and sleep, give your body the good situation and stretch your limbs, and do not sneeze and pressure on your stomach and chest and reduce the size, and lays on the left side first for a few minutes, then Stretch on the right side relaxed to take in a quiet and deep sleep “

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