Causes of high blood pressure during pregnancy and how to treat it?

The high blood pressure of the pregnant woman is a pregnancy problem that may be exposed to some mothers, what are the causes of high blood pressure in pregnancy and how to treat blood pressure in pregnancy .. What are the tips that the mother to follow to prevent high blood pressure in pregnancy?

Dr. Hana Abdel Moneim, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Al-Azhar University, said that high blood pressure in pregnancy occurs mostly in the last three months of pregnancy between 5 and 10 percent among pregnant women.

High blood pressure in pregnancy is divided into two types: a slight rise in blood pressure. High blood pressure in pregnancy has been treated with the most safe drugs in pregnancy. It is dimethyl or methyl dopa. The dose varies according to the response to the carrier. In case of non-response, the dose is increased gradually. Wait until the pregnant woman enters the ninth month and then we generate the pregnant woman.

The second type is the high rise in blood pressure . Tests are performed to check the health of the pregnant and fetus, such as analysis of kidney functions, liver functions, examination of the bottom of the eye, and whether or not there is albumin in the urine.

Dr. Hana adds that in the case of high blood pressure with the presence of albumin in the urine or disorders of kidney function and liver we generate the pregnant directly without waiting until the pregnant woman enters the ninth month

In order to avoid the problem of high blood pressure in pregnancy, Dr. Hana advises the need to keep away from tension and nervousness and not stand for long periods of pregnant women with the distress of salt in food and not to increase the intake of stimulants in pregnancy

Besides eating fiber-rich foods such as carrots, lettuce, cucumbers and calcium-rich foods such as eggs and fish, dairy products with a daily cup of hibiscus helps to maintain normal blood pressure.

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