Causes of heartburn and tears

The causes of heartburn and tears may suffer from heartburn suddenly and do not care much about it, thinking that this pain will disappear soon, but with the repetition of that situation is concerned and tension resulting from your lack of concentration in work because of burning, and this requires your going to the doctor to diagnose your condition and prescription drugs Occasion,Causes of heartburn and tears

Burning the eye is the feeling of irritation and burning pain in the eye area, which affects the ability of the eye to see clearly, and the performance of daily activities performed by the individual, burning eye is often accompanied by a sense of severe itching in the eye. Burning of the eye is often the result of bacterial or viral infection in Eye, or because of a strange object entering the eye.

  • Hypersensitivity (an immune reaction due to the entry of a substance into the body)
  • Direct contact with chemicals
  • Infection in fungal, bacterial or viral infections
  • Exposure to polluted air, such as dust, pollen or cigarette smoke
  • Congenital disease in the eye
  •  Dry Eye
  • Wear contact lenses for a long time or use someone else’s contact lenses.
  • Use some expired topical eye drops

Causes of heartburn and tears

  • Redness of the eye strongly
  •  Eye dimming
  •  Feeling of itching in the eye
  •  Blurred vision
  • Clinical examination
  •  Examination of blood chemistry
  •  Some other visual tests of the eye that reveal the presence of a foreign object in the eye.

Causes of heartburn and tears

  • If some of the infections are using appropriate antibiotics or some types of steroids ointments
  • That was caused by allergies can be used as a histamine.
  •  And if the result of the presence of a foreign object in the eye can be removed using the eye doctor.
  • Avoid using adhesive lenses for a long time or after the specified duration.
  •  Avoid using adhesive lenses more than one person.
  •  Avoid exposure to substances that cause .
  •  Follow the instructions of prevention at work wearing protective glasses for those who constitute the nature of the seriousness of the eye.
  •  Do not keep eye droplets, and remove them after the end of the prescribed treatment period.

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