Causes of hair loss in men at an early age

The causes of hair loss in men at an early age that occupy the attention of men a lot; because hair is one of the most important factors of the elegance of men, trying to avoid baldness as much as possible, but sometimes baldness is inevitable, and we will try to search here for the reasons that affect hair loss And lead to baldness, there may be a way to delay it.Although there are no firm guarantees, there are nine factors that influence men’s access to baldness. A total of 92 identical twins have been studied to identify genetic and behavioral factors, because identical twins have the same genes, Their lifestyles and personal behavior,Hair loss

About 90% of hair grows all the time. Hair growth may range from two to six years.

The remaining 10% of the hair is kept in the meantime for a period of 2 to 3 months.

When hair falls, new hair follicles grow to start a new growth cycle, from the beginning.

Head hair grows between 10 and 15 millimeters per month. However, as you age, your hair growth rate begins to slow down.

Hair loss is often caused by the normal growth of hair. A drop of between 50 and 100 hairs a day is very natural.Hair loss

Genes play an important role in the arrival of men to the stage of baldness, especially the hair of the front and center of the head, not the hair of the sides. If you inherit bald genes from parents and grandparents, you are likely to become bald someday.

It is very clear that hair loss is closely related to age. As age increases, the proportion of baldness increases, and this applies to all parts of the head.

This may be a bit strange. The more men are boys, the more baldness is in the head. There is an inverse proportion between the number of children and the proportion of hair, especially in the front of the head. This may be due to stress and anxiety associated with raising children. Children is really worth sacrificing).

Men’s diets affect their response to baldness, especially with regard to caffeine and alcohol. The higher the caffeine intake, the higher the rate of hair loss in the front and center of the head. Men who drink more than four alcoholic drinks a week have increased hair loss on the hips and in the middle. Head, but those who are completely abstained from alcohol also have a higher incidence of precipitation, according to the study.

Smokers suffer from a high incidence of hair loss on the sides and in the center of the head. The researchers point out that smoking limits the amount of blood flowing to hair follicles, which makes them die.

It is not surprising that men who have already had skin diseases have increased hair loss, either on the jug or in the middle of the head.

Surprisingly, the study showed that wearing a hat protects against hair loss. This is contrary to the common idea that wearing hats increases the incidence of hair loss, but researchers have suggested that wearing a hat protects the scalp from harmful sun rays.

It is interesting that long-term tension leads to increased hair loss on the top of the head, but it leads to increased hair on both sides.

Twins who have higher levels of testosterone saliva have a higher proportion of hair on both sides of the head, which means that this hormone reduces the incidence of hair loss in that region.Again, the above links do not necessarily mean that there are real and confirmed causes of hair loss. There may be other factors that are not yet known.Drop hair

A simple and clear solution is to do a healthy diet.

Eating foods rich in biotin, such as brown rice and oats help strengthen the roots of hair and hair follicles, as well as antioxidants such as vitamin E found in many fruits such as avocados and olive oil as well as rich in iron and zinc, such as spinach are all foods rich in vitamins and minerals that help in treatment of hair loss .

There are two types of drugs that can be used to treat hair loss in men – Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil can be used to treat baldness in women. In severe cases of women’s baldness, Finasteride can be used but is rarely used. In severe cases of baldness in women, spirnolactone is often used. There are specific cases that can be treated with surgical treatment. Minoxidil: MedicationGarlic to treat hair loss

  •  Garlic and its mechanism of use as a whole is rubbing the scalp cautiously, where garlic activates the growth of hair is great, where the use of garlic from complementary treatments.
  •  Onions can be painted in the head especially the affected areas and the hair is low where it helps to sleep the hair.

Treatment of severe hair loss in the holy Quran in women and men and natural herbs

  •  Works to strengthen the hair follicles and are used with the ring   where it has very strong effects.

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