Causes of flatulence, how to treat gases

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Women face the problem of flatulence before starting   . This is normal. It is an early symptom before menstruation. Women feel that they have gained more weight or if there has been some swelling in areas of their bodies. This swelling lasts for a while and then disappears. If it continues, it requires consultation with the doctor, and there are some ways in which women can get rid of this swelling.

Gas bulges in the abdomen cause weight gain to be annoying for many people. Belly gas is produced for many reasons, the most important of which are unhealthy eating habits. Scientific studies have shown that more than 20% of people suffer from the problem of bulging intestinal and more than women. Gastric puffiness can be treated away from medications and by eating healthy eating habits. Eating healthy meals and staying away from high-fat diets helps protect against stomach bulges. Experts recommend that you exercise regularly to avoid stomach upset. Avoid eating salty and spicy meals to avoid gastrointestinal swelling. Eat plenty of water to help protect against bloating. Here is a list of foods that cause the stomach to swellPicture of Pepsi

One of the most important causes of abdominal swelling with gas, is the intake of fatty foods and fast food, which lead to the difficulty of digestion and bloating of the abdomen and the accumulation of gas and discomfort. Drinking too much soda increases the problem of flatulence and increases the chance of gas entering the digestive system.

Of the factors leading to the accumulation of gases in the stomach and intestines, eating foods quickly without chewing which allows air ingestion, thus increasing the process of flatulence. Eating quickly leads to the deposition of food residues in the colon, causing the accumulation of gases with increased abdominal and colon pain. Also chewing gum and juice lead to swallowing the air that causes the accumulation of gases.

There are many health symptoms that affect women, which in turn lead to flatulence and accumulation of gases. The most prominent of which is irritable bowel syndrome. Inflammation of lymph nodes in the abdomen. Or suffering from obstructive bowel disease, leading to chronic constipation, severe indigestion and inability to produce normally. This results in keeping the food in the abdomen for a long time leading to swelling. This in turn causes severe pain from flatulence and increased accumulation of gases. In addition, liver dysfunction leads to accumulation of fluid in the abdomen causing bloating and gas.

Not eating high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables, as well as increased consumption of sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods, leads to abdominal bloating. This is because dietary fiber helps to facilitate digestion and increase the ability to process the output easily without being infected with constipation or indigestion. Fiber also regulates colon function, detoxification and accumulation of harmful substances. Flatulence is also caused by poor body absorption of certain nutrients such as some hard-to-digest fiber and legumes. Increased intestinal bacteria and bacteria in the small intestine cause dysfunction of the digestive tract, leading to swelling.Picture of a girl

  • There are a large number of natural and home remedies that contribute to solving the problem of gas and abdominal bloating. Where there are herbs and foods that reduce swelling and facilitate the process of gas out naturally.
  • And uh these treatments:
  • Anise drink and ring for the treatment of flatulence
  • One of the most important natural herbs treated for the problem of bloating and abdominal gases is the seeds of the ring and anise. Because the ring plays a large role in improving digestion, which leads to a reduction in the incidence of abdominal swelling. Well anise has a great effect on the digestive system. It works to calm the stomach and intestinal cramps significantly. So you have to drink the boiled syrup and anise all the time throughout the day.
  • Chamomile tea and ginger to treat flatulence
  • Chamomile flowers and a herb of natural treatments are also important in solving the problem of bulges and abdominal gases. Chamomile and ginger contain a large proportion of anti-inflammatory properties and harmful intestinal bacteria that result in flatulence. They also help to expel gases from the abdomen naturally. You can prepare chamomile flowers with a tablespoon of hot ginger in a cup of boiling water and eat it twice a day.

Methods of prevention of flatulence are somewhat similar to the treatment methods, it is possible to prevent the sudden swelling of the abdomen by changing the pattern of life,

Also, avoiding sleep immediately after eating helps prevent flatulence and also prevent abdominal pain. Other ways to prevent flatulence include:

  • Healthy diet.
  • Drink large amounts of liquids especially water.
  • Avoid over-eating.
  • Regular exercise.

Photo of mintIt is a herb that is used to reduce the swelling and expelling of gases. There are many herbs that contain chemicals that emit gases. These herbs include: camphor, eugenol, carnation, fennel, dill, marmalade, basil, cinnamon, Lemon, ginger, tarragon, juniper, saffron, celery and linden are all herbs that treat bloating.

Mint and daily use moderately works to relax muscles and get rid of gas, ginger is used for pregnant women who suffer from nausea, and eating without the extravagance regulates the work of the digestive system, and its good in solving the problem of constipation and this does not cause gases, It works to expel and eliminate the gases, the boiled circuit and eliminate the gases and abdominal cramps and colon, chamomile and helps to eliminate the fatigue of digestive pain and eliminate swelling, turmeric is a healthy spice and a good treatment for nausea, cinnamon and eliminate bloating and gases And gastrointestinal pain.Picture of a girl

Garlic is one of the best treatments that can be used at home, and to get the best results in treatment, it is recommended to use fresh, fresh parsley and reduce the gas produced from soft drinks, can be picked or brought to the dryer and add to eat as spice, also supplements containing Probiotic It is a useful beneficial bacteria found in the intestines, and can be taken supplements or foods that contain them, is a suitable treatment for colon problems and a good way to eliminate the gases, and the important is to use a healthy method and a healthy eating system, and away from foods that cause Gases, bloating and hardness Digestion, such as ready-made foods, frying, and excessive sugars.

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