Causes of feeling imbalanced

Causes of feeling unbalanced are situations that make you feel uncomfortable or dizzy. If you are standing, sitting or lying down, you may feel as if you are moving, rotating or floating. If you walk, you may suddenly feel as if you are sliding or generally unstable. Many body systems – including muscles, bones, joints, vision and balance device in the inner ear, nerves, heart and blood vessels – must work naturally to get a natural balance. When these systems do not work well, they can experience balance problemsCauses of feeling imbalanced

A person’s balance properly means his ability to control the movements and positions of his body well, whether he is climbing the stairs or walking, or even when he remains silent in his place, and when a person loses his balance becomes unable to control the various activities that he does daily.

1 – imbalance due to infection in the ear and internal ear problems:
problems that appear in the inner layers of the ear and are not visible to the naked eye , they need to go to the doctor and the work of internal tests to ensure its existence.

2 – Head injury: the
concussion resulting from falling or exposure to a car accident or other reasons, 
it may lead to dizziness and severe headaches and thus inability to balance and the desire to sleep and close the eyes.

3 – weakness of blood strength (anemia):
When a person is weak blood becomes unable to do various activities, and a general weakness in his body, and may be subject to fainting and sudden fall as a result.

4 – taking some medicines:
Some drugs have side effects are the loss of balance and inability to stand or sit upright, and the person to talk about these symptoms with the doctor or pharmacist before taking any type of medication.

5. Aging:
When a person grows older, he is exposed to many changes in his body, causing general weakness in his various physical functions, including balance.

6. Chemical imbalance in the brain. 
7 – Problems in :
In the event of low or high rise severely lose the person temporarily or until the problem is remedied 
and taking the appropriate medication.Causes of feeling imbalanced

The main symptom of the loss of balance is: 
1 – Feeling very dizzy and moving room and place around the person, may be impossible to walk without falling, 
and some other symptoms of this problem: 
2 – blurry vision and lack of clarity, and may begin to rub his eyes and closing them sequentially on Hope for clarity of vision. 
3 – mental confusion or confusion. Vomiting and unwillingness to eat. 
4 – feeling depressed, fear, or anxiety. 
5 – feeling tired and tired and the desire to 
lie down. 
6 – difficulty in concentration, especially when reading 
7 – severe and continuous diarrhea. 
8. Changes in blood pressure and heart beat.Causes of feeling imbalanced

The treatment of vertigo is first in the treatment of the cause of vertigo, when examining the patient knows the cause of the doctor leading to the rotor and then gives the patient the appropriate medication for his condition and when the cause of the disappearance, the dizziness will disappear with him.

Second, treatment of the symptoms resulting from it, such as nausea or vomiting, confusion of vision or hearing impairment or other things that we talked about.

The doctor can also use physiotherapy, which strengthens the inner ear and the body responsible for keeping the balance. Also give it vitamin D and drink plenty of fluids.

The patient must avoid alcohol and smoking, as this irritates the inner ear and nerves.

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