Causes of fat gathering around the abdomen

Do you feel fat increases around the abdomen ..? !! Does fat and alcohol around the abdomen do not go away easily ..?! Have you tried dieting programs and did not benefit from getting rid of that? Here are some of the main reasons why you can get rid of fat around the abdomen easily.

Causes of fat gathering around the abdomen

1 – Eat directly before bedtime

It is known that the body is burning fat during sleep but new that the body fails to burn if the stomach filled with just before sleep. A study monitored the eating and sleeping habits of 52 people over the course of seven days and concluded that people who ate after 9pm could not burn excess calories.

2. Eat on the bed

If you are the lazy person to get out of bed for breakfast or dinner, and always prefer the easiest solution of eating on the bed, know that you are one of the most vulnerable to being overweight. Being relaxed makes you over-eat. So if you feel hungry and want to eat on the bed, completely avoid eating fatty foods and rely only on the fruit to satisfy your hunger.

3 – watching TV while eating

A scientific study showed that watching TV while eating may lead to weight gain. The study revealed that eating while watching television disrupts our ability to recognize when we stop eating. The study concluded that watching television without attention leads to eating without interest. She advises housewives to turn off the TV while eating.

4- Take the Combo meal instead of sandwiches alone

Many fast-food restaurants do not care about the problem of weight gain in women and all that concerns them is to sell the greatest amount of food. A recent study revealed that choosing a combo meal rather than a regular one-by-one meal contributes to increased caloric consumption. The reason is that when you order several foods in one meal, you require more food than you need and better to order the meal alone so you will not influence the plans of these restaurants specifically designed to dry your wallet.

5. Not drinking enough water

It is necessary to drink water in sufficient quantities to help the body members perform their functions optimally. A US study has revealed that drinking water before any meal weakens appetite to eat. The researchers published findings of a study of people who were overweight and obese. Some overweight and obese people drank half a liter of water before breakfast, and the calories they consumed during breakfast dropped by 75 calories. Over the course of a year, it reached 27,375 calories, or three kilograms of fat.

6 – Urgency in eating the meal and eat large sentences

The American Journal of Food Health has shown that people who eat large portions and take the meal quickly consume 52 percent more calories than others who eat small capsules and take enough time to digest food. Splitting food into small pieces helps you reduce your appetite and enjoy full food. A common rule is that the smaller your size, the smaller your waist size.

7 – drink sweetened juices

Concentrated fruit juices increase the fructose and condensation components, and this alone can inject large quantities of calories that are difficult to get rid of afterwards. It is best to replace these juices with fresh, light juices that are free of industrial ingredients.

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