Causes of eyelid movement

Causes of Eyelid Movement Many people get jittery for days, weeks or hours, and are repeated with them in their years of life. It may be very troublesome if they are long with the person. What are the causes of this tremor? Proper treatment for her?Causes of eyelid movement

The truth is that the causes of eye rheumatism are many: 
1 – the intensification of the nerve, 
2 – the lack of sleep, 
3 – lack of rest and other reasons 
4 – eating caffeine 
and has no risk to remember the eye

There are three known and common types of cleft eye:

1 – eyelid eyelid secondary.

2 – the positive nasal spasm of the eyelids.

3 – facial spasm.

1 – fatigue and stress

2. Tension

Lack of sleep

4. Drinking alcohol, tobacco or caffeine. Secondary eyelid can also produce irritation of the surface of the eye (cornea) or membranes lining the eyelids (conjunctiva).

In some cases, the cause of secondary eyelid eyelid can not be identified

. In almost all cases there is no pain or damage. And shows the condition of the primitive primitive eyelid spasm between the middle and end of adulthood and then worsen the situation gradually.

This affects between 20,000 and 50,000 Americans. This condition is more common in women than in men.Causes of eyelid movement

1. Stress.

2. Tension.

3 – irritants such as bright light, wind and air pollution.

As the condition worsens, it can lead to blurred vision, vision and cramps . In severe cases, the prosthesis can become so severe that it keeps the eyelids closed for several hours. The researchers believe that benign primitive lipid spasm can be produced from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Although the condition is usually random, it usually occurs in families. Facial spasm is rarely rare and involves more than just eyelid muscles. Where it usually involves muscles around the mouth. This cramping usually occurs only on one side of the face other than the other types of eyelashes. In most cases, facial irritation produces an artery pressure on the nerve leading to the facial muscles.Causes of eyelid movement

The first step to treat the rumen is to diagnose the cause. Therefore, you should know the reasons that lead to the rumen of your eye to avoid the rumen, if it comes as a result of pressure or nervousness, avoid these things, also if it comes as a result of exposure to strong light after being in the dark for a while Time, so avoid light using glasses, although caused by dry eye for a lot of staring and a lack of eyelash you should return yourself to eyelash every few minutes once so as not to lead to dry eye

And to get rid of the palate of the eye is advised to rest fully with drinking good amounts of water and not to eat before sheltering the bed, and this maintains the health of the liver because some problems of rheumatism caused by an imbalance between the liver and gallbladder in your body


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