Causes of excessive eating in children

Many mothers suffer from the child’s craziness and excessive intake of unhealthy and large amounts, which causes him to increase weight and serious health problems since an early age. The mother does not notice that the child’s bad eating habits are often adopted by parents or those around him. Causes of excessive child eating:

You may wish to make you happy

Unfortunately, most mothers are happy to show their happiness to their children when they can devour everything in the dish. Thus, the child’s concept of the mother’s happiness is linked to his food, and hence he continues to ask for food if he finds that the mother is desperate or sad.

May wish to attract your attention

Sometimes the child asks for food as a way to attract the parents’ attention. After he insists on getting a glass of milk with chocolate, you find him not drinking it and he may cry after it. In this case the child tries to attract your attention to get the emotion, here you have to listen and listen to him. Of something.

Influenced by the behaviors around him

The child sees his parents enjoying the weekend by enjoying rich and rich meals at home or going to fast food restaurants. He may always find in the house unhealthy food such as crumbs, chocolate and biscuits, which his parents constantly eat when bored. When food is repeated, food is high in tandem. His happiness is no doubt influenced by the behavior of his peers who rush to eat junk food after school or on holidays.

You can not discourage a child from eating unhealthy food if you do not adopt health systems. His mother does not see healthy vegetables as a snack, a balanced breakfast or other healthy habits. Bad habits in puberty, as well as to ensure healthy growth of his body away from fat and empty calories.

Psychological problem

Continuous binge-bingeing may be without obvious causes of the child’s symptoms of a psychological problem that he can not express. He is ventilated by eating a lot of food in search of satisfaction and happiness and to dispel anxiety and disorder.

You should look for the causes of the disorder. Your child may be under external stress, such as being physically assaulted by his schoolmates, teaching a teacher, or perhaps even more dangerous than being harassed.

To avoid excessive child food and health problems, follow these tips:

  •  Adopt a healthy system to encourage your child to imitate you. Do not keep the kitchen cabinet with harmful food items such as biscuits and biscuits. Adopt a health plan such as exercise, walking, and exercise. Take part in your routine to get used to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Know what is appropriate for your child’s diet according to length and weight and consult with a doctor can determine the appropriate system of his condition so that his body is not damaged in the case of suffering from excessive weight.
  • Being an example of your child’s behavior in food , food is not a way of venting. It is a means of preserving our bodies and growth. Do not let him see you scratching in stress or watching TV. Do not eat food in front of him late at night. The distinction between what should and should not be eaten
  •  National Habituation to eat quietly away from the tension and television and all that causes distractions, so pay attention to the brain signals in the event of a feeling of fullness, make sure to address the food on the dining table in a quiet atmosphere, not Tmanhah food in his room or in front of the TV or while playing.
  • Avoid child molestation , especially in front of others. It gives him a negative image of the self and may lead to more food. Be patient and encourage him whenever he eats healthy food, accompanied by picnics or reading to relieve tension instead of going to food.

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