Causes of dizziness in Ramadan

People are preparing to enter the holy month of Ramadan with his blessings and blessings and many of us are exposed to dizziness, and there are several reasons that we must recognize, as the month of Ramadan many of the habits that we must be careful when followed. Changing the sleep system and eating is a key factor in making some parallelizers of things, Therefore, there are many reasons for losing the body and minerals necessary during fasting, especially water. Excessive use of some of the things that the body finds during Ramadan is one of the most important reasons for dizziness and dizziness, and for your safety, , Just follow us.

Many of us care about the causes of dizziness in Ramadan, so as to avoid any injuries or exposure during Ramadan.

The most important of these reasons :.The reason for the dizziness of Ramadan

One of the most important causes of dizziness is the lack of water that the body is accustomed to receiving in other days.

In addition to the secretion of the body of sweat in turn makes it difficult to access oxygen to the brain, which leads to feeling dizziness.

There is a decrease because of the human feeling of weakness, and the need for food and drink, leading to a decrease in the level of blood pressure.

Low blood sugar is not meant to be a person with diabetes.

The fact that not eating the normal food to eat daily is one of the main causes of dizziness, because any changes in the level of sugar in the blood is the most common causes of causes of dizziness and dizziness.

One of the causes of dizziness is high blood pressure for the person because he will therefore feel dizzy because of those changes that have occurred to him, whether his blood pressure or the sense of low blood pressure.

When iron deficiency in the body of the human body is exposed to many health problems, the most important anemia and also:.

  • Lack of focus.
  • Headaches.
  • Vertigo and dizziness.

When you feel dizzy, you should not move from your place, sit down and lie down, close your eyes until the symptoms of dizziness disappear and then start moving afterwards.

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