Causes of distress and depression and treatment

We feel sometimes very upset with a temporary depression, and this is normal where we face many of the pressures and problems that generate the feeling of distress and sadness from what we face, we feel as if it is beyond our capacity while thinking more deeply, we discover that the narrowness and these problems and all the obstacles in our lives Has made us effective people, just the way of thinking, and here we address the causes of distress and depression, in addition to the most important techniques to address and overcome effectively.Feeling depressed and depressed without a reason

There are many reasons for feeling upset around us, which sometimes leads us towards feeling depressed and lonely, and the most important of these reasons:

A family member may suffer from a state of inherited depression throughout the generations, which must be transmitted to subsequent generations. This is due to the structure of the brain and how it works. The brain lacks some important elements that resist the feeling of depression, and this is one of the voluntary causes of severe and persistent injury.

There are post-treatment medications that cause distress as a side effect, and people’s reactions to those drugs vary, and advised those suffering from these symptoms consult with the doctor to replace the type of medication used to avoid depression.Therapy

There are some people who have difficulties in solving persistent life problems and who are more prone to the symptoms of distress and depression. This is due to their pessimistic view of what is going on around them. Stress increases and their emotions intensify.

They are meant to be obsessive characters and personalities who suffer from insanity. They are more than suffering from psychological stress, which results in feeling depressed and depressed.

Education contributes significantly to the way a person deals with the difficulties he faces in public and private, which determine the identity of the person and how to solve problems, and the child takes his parents as an example of how to deal with the problems.The easiest way to get rid of depression

You can overcome the feeling of discomfort with several health techniques, which contribute to the containment of negative emotions within you and get rid of them completely, and the most important of these techniques:

Breathing and relaxation exercises help to eliminate the negative feeling and regularity of the breathing process, which calms the emotions of the person, giving him the opportunity to find inner peace, which enables him to find a suitable solution to the difficulties he faces.

Sleeping for enough hours can extend the body completely, strengthen the immune system, and give the mind the chance to take a break; to work more effectively the next day, giving the person full energy to face difficulties and find the most appropriate solutions.

Stretching the body with essential nutrients through proper food is one of the most effective solutions to overcome feeling depressed and depressed. Food gives you energy and strength to complete the road.

You can resort to the technique of distraction when the mind needs space for breathing and comfort from the pressures, and you can do your favorite activities and practice your hobbies, the most productive technology, you can benefit from your feelings of distress and depression and vent them by producing something useful.

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