Causes of difficulty swallowing saliva

Difficulties swallowing saliva are usually not worrisome and can occur simply when eating very quickly or not chewing food well. Difficulty swallowing can occur at any age but it usually occurs in older people, children or people with brain problems or Nervous system. Persistent difficulty swallowing indicates a serious medical condition that requires treatment.Causes of difficulty swallowing saliva

The saliva is the liquid in the mouth which helps to moisten the mouth and prevent the formation of germs in it, as well as maintain the pollution and save the mouth from the bad smell in it. And swallowing helps digestion, but there are some people suffer from difficulty swallowing saliva at different ages as well as face Difficulty swallowing in general for food and drink.Causes of difficulty swallowing saliva

Weak muscles and nerves of the  esophagus and pharynx occur as a result.

  • Problems in the brain  or nerves.
  •  Certain immune problems or infections.
  • Spasms of the esophagus muscle  .
  • A narrowing of the esophagus  leading to food going backwards.
  • Esophageal reflux  where stomach acid is due and can cause ulcers in the esophagus.
  • Some  tumors are cancerous or benign .
  •  Functional difficulties : There are those who have trouble swallowing other things like medicine pills, or suffering seizures from difficulty swallowing due to the feeling that there is a rigid block in the throat, while nothing in the throat. This feeling increases with emotional emotion or grief.
  • GERD  refers to a feeling of food retention at the base of the throat or chest.

Causes of difficulty swallowing saliva

  •  Pain during swallowing (odynophagia)
  • Inability to swallow
  •  The sensation of standing food in the throat or chest, or behind the bone of the shear
  • Erase the sound
  • Food reflux up
  •  Unexpected weight loss
  • In the rock
  • Feeling hot
  •  Coughing or trying to vomit
  •  When swallowing in infants and children signs and symptoms of swallowing difficulties include: Lack of attention during meals or tensing of the body during feeding Refuse to eat foods of different substances Length of time or eating times (30 minutes or more) Problems of breastfeeding Food or fluid leakage of Mouth coughing or choking during feeding or meals Spitting or even vomiting during lactation or meals Difficulty breathing while eating and drinking Weight loss or slow Weight gain or slow and growth Recurrent pneumonia

Causes of difficulty swallowing saliva

1. Refrain from eating before bedtime.

2 – a healthy diet.

3 – Stay away from foods that increase the acidity of the stomach.

3 – may need to work to expand the esophagus.

4 – to treat the problem of illness, which led to difficulty swallowing saliva.

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