Causes of delayed menstrual cycle

What are the causes of delayed menstruation?

Most women are preoccupied with regular menstrual cycles and worry about their delay. Regularity is a major indicator of their reproductive health. The duration of the menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman, and comes after 28 days in many or 30 days in other women or even 35 days in a good number of women. There are many reasons that have an effect on the lack of menstrual flow regularly in women, and your health today the most important causes of delayed menstrual cycle are:

• Excessive exercise, because exercising for more than two to three hours daily adversely affects women’s female hormones, which works to delay the menstrual cycle.

• Fast weight loss: Rapid weight loss causes significant changes in the body’s hormones in women, and thus a significant and alarming delay at the time of the menstrual cycle.

• Work a lot and tired body cause hormonal disorders that delay the date of the menstrual cycle.

• Bad diet: Not getting all the nutrients you need, such as vitamins and minerals or an unhealthy diet, are factors that cause delay in your menstrual cycle.

• Tension and depression: Tension due to the daily problems faced by women is a factor contributing to the delay of the date of the menstrual cycle.

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