Causes of childhood anemia and treatment methods

What are the causes of childhood anemia, what are the symptoms of anemia, and is there a specific food for the child to treat anemia?

Children’s anemia is a problem faced by many mothers and may be mixed by the poor growth of the child and the lack of desire to eat Bana may suffer from anemia.

Anemia or anemia can affect many children and adults, says Dr. Noha Abu al-Wafa, a pediatric consultant. The symptoms of anemia are often unclear. Many of the symptoms include fatigue, tiredness, poor concentration, shortness of breath “In the case of anemia or severe anemia, the body compensates for the deficiency of the amount of oxygen by increasing the heart rate. Therefore, the patient suffers from some associated symptoms, such as heart palpitations,” says Dr. Noha.

And adds d. He concluded that the injury of children to anime may lead to some behavioral disorders of the child as a result of weak growth within the nervous system especially for the infant or a sharp decline in the performance of some school-age children.

Causes of Child Anemia

We also said that anemia or anemia has a low number of red blood cells, causing hemoglobin in the blood, which is responsible for transferring oxygen to the cells, and thus less blood capacity to deliver oxygen from the lung to the rest of the body cells.

Are there foods that treat children’s anemia?

Some foods rich in iron and vitamin C are important in the treatment of anemia for children as well as protein. Some foods can be made from iron-rich foods such as liver, spleen, black honey or iron-rich vegetables such as watercress, parsley and mallow.

The protein is recommended to the mother not to neglect drinking milk for children is very rich in protein as well as eggs.

The mother must pay attention to the provision of fresh vegetables to the child permanently because they are rich in iron and Vitamin C for the treatment of anemia in children .

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