Causes of breast swelling before the course

Causes of swollen breast before menstruation Is it a symptom , or is an indication that there is a serious disease in the girl or lady and be careful of it, already this happens to many, but there are some things and precautions to be available in this matter, It can be indicated by this swelling.


Causes of breast swelling before the course

A double member of the human body, employed by females to feed their young. The size of the breast is the amount of fat around the milk glands, which are structurally linked to the skin, but functionally belong to the reproductive system. The colored area around the nipple is known as the halo, ranging from syphilis to dark brown.Causes of breast swelling before the course

Periodic symptoms that occur to the breast

  • Feeling clearly heavier in the breasts.
  • Swelling is obvious in the breasts or in only one breast.
  • Feeling or tingling needle in the top area of ​​breast forward hand.
  • Breast pain in a clear way.
  • The roughness of the breast feel sometimes.
  • Feeling burning pain in the breast area.
  • Pain often extends to the arms due to the strength and swelling of the breast.
  • Disturbance in the breast.

These changes are not a concern, but some doctors have confirmed that it is useful and healthy, and that it is very reassuring, it is happening to them this is a confirmation of fertility and it has no contraindications – God willing – as these things occur naturally in the premenstrual period It emphasizes the continuity of the session in a regular and correct manner.

It should be noted that these symptoms begin two weeks before the start of the menstrual cycle, ie, 14 days ago, as the egg in the meantime has not been fertilized sperm cell, and will start the uterus to get rid of his stomach and begin contractions, and thus begin the aches and pains that continue for two weeks at varying intervals and symptoms Different according to each girl or lady.

Without anxiety these symptoms will end on the first day of the menstrual cycle and may last for the first two days and end before the end of the cycle in general for most women.Causes of breast swelling before the course

Causes of breast swelling before the course

There are some scientific and medical reasons in this regard, but they are not accurate about the main reason that connects the breast swelling before the menstrual period of menstrual cycle or not, and this has been linked to the recent symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, a menstrual symptoms affect any girl at any age, And increase those who are more than thirty years.

One of the most important causes of menstrual breast swelling or the so-called concept of the latest periodic breast swelling, is summarized in these points:

  • High body hormones before menstruation.
  • The higher the proportion of the hormone estrogen in particular which has side effects in the swelling and swelling of the whole body and a sense of acupuncture and pain in the regions of the breast and down and down .
  • This swelling also occurs due to the increased body storage rate of liquids during this period.
  • Hormonal changes work to increase the proportion of progesterone, which is specialized in mammary gland producing milk, which increases the sense of tingling and swelling often.
  • Because this symptom is premenstrual syndrome, this is the main cause.
  • If you are one of these people, you may want to consult a doctor to change your contraceptive or change the pills you take to relieve the side effects.
  • Increased breast size can increase the pain and increase estrogen secretion during this period compared to the amount of secretion to the owners of small breasts.

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