Causes of breast pain

Breast pain is a common pain that almost all women complain about in their different stages of life. Their types, severity, and timing vary from woman to woman. According to reason, age, and hormonal changes, breast pain refers to a problem of non-cancerous breast problems, Breast, however, must be resorted to a doctor to examine unexplained breast pain that does not go away after one menstrual cycle, or two cycles, or that lasts after menopause, occurs in a particular area of ​​the breast,

Types of breast pain

Breast pain

Breast pain can be any form of pain, including pain when squeezing the breast, sharp burning pain, or feeling bloated and tight in breast tissue. 
– The severity of pain varies, and may range from mild to severe. 
Pain can be persistent, or may occur only incidentally. 
– It can be affecting only a few days a month, for example before , or may last for seven days or more every month, and breast pain may affect you directly before menstruation, or may continue throughout the menstrual cycle. 
– Menopausal women can suffer from breast pain, but breast pain is more common among young women who have not reached menopause, and women who are in the premenopausal stage.

Main symptoms of breast cancer

Most cases of breast pain are classified as either cyclical or non-periodic, and each of these species has its own characteristic characteristics.Breast pain

First: Periodic breast pain

– Has a direct relationship with the menstrual cycle. 
– Pain is described as unspecified or heavy pain. 
– Usually accompanied by swollen or swollen breast. 
– Usually affects the breasts, especially the outer upper areas, and can spread to the area under the armpit. 
– Increases in intensity gradually within two weeks of the onset of menstruation, and then less. 
– usually affects women in their twenties and thirties, as well as those in their forties before menopause.

Second: Non-periodic breast pain

– It has nothing to do with the menstrual cycle. 
Pain is described as stressful or incurable. 
– The pain is either fixed or sporadic. 
– Usually infects one breast, affecting a specific area of ​​the breast, but can spread to the entire breast. 
– usually affects women after menopause.

Third: pain from outside the breast

This pain seems to have started from the breast, but the fact is that it started from a source outside the breast, pulling the muscles of the chest, for example, can lead to pain in the chest wall, or chest cage.Causes of breast painthe reasons

Most of the time, breast pain refers to a problem of non-cancerous breast problems and rarely indicates breast cancer. However, a doctor should be consulted to examine unexplained breast pain that does not go away after one or two cycles, or which lasts After menopause, it occurs in a particular area of ​​the breast.

Sometimes, the real cause of the pain can not be determined, and its causative factors may include one or more of the following factors:


Periodic breast pain appears to be strongly associated with hormones and menstrual cycles, and periodic breast pain often decreases or decreases with menopause. 

Breast structure

Breast pain may also occur outside the breast in the chest wall, muscles, joints or the heart as a result of breast pain, such as breast bags, trauma, previous surgery, or other factors. The example goes to the breast.

Fatty acid imbalance

The imbalance of fatty acids inside the cells, may affect the sensitivity of the breast tissue to the distribution of hormones.

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