Causes of body jaundice during sleep

Causes of body jaundice during sleep

  • Coffee propagation and stimuli
  • Alcohol
  • Anxiety and phobia
  • Age
  • Some drugs (atheroscopic)
  • Parkinson’s disease This affects the elderly and the tremor is noticeable when the hand is not moving

The tremor occurs during sleep in the form of sudden, strong and rapid contractions occur in the whole body or in a specific part of it, it gets one after the other and be severe and frequent, and lead to a sense of fear and anxiety, which leads to wake up the person after that.Causes of body jaundice during sleep

The causes of human injury during sleep are many, and these factors that cause tremor are:

  • Disruption of brain electricity as a result of the excessive secretion of electricity in the brain
  • Getting into sleep
  • Slowness of breath and speed of heart rate and condition in the body
  • Get large amounts of coffee, tea and drinks that contain caffeine
  • Eat heavy meals during dinner
  •  Suffering from sleep disorders
  •  Physical fatigue
  •  Acute mental and neurological disorders

Causes of body jaundice during sleep

To avoid getting irritated during sleep, it is recommended to follow these guidelines:

  • Exercise to relieve stress with the need not to exercise immediately before sleep.
  • Do not drink too much drinks in the evening.
  •  Eat plenty of foods high in magnesium and calcium to strengthen nerves.
  • Listen to the quiet music that helps to relax.
  •  Clean the sleeping mattress to get rid of bacteria and dust as they work to feel uncomfortable.
  • Avoid eating fatty foods during dinner time, and be careful to eat a snack before bedtime.
  • Participate in meditation and relaxation classes to get rid of stress.

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