Causes of biting nails, damage of nail bites

Biting is one of the most common negative habits among people. Studies have come to be caused by stress, stress, boredom and frustration, an attempt to get rid of a prominent part of the nails, and a psychological condition such as obsessive-compulsive disorder.biting

A new statistic on nail biting revealed that 30% of children, 45% of adolescents, 25% of young adults, and 5% of adults practiced this bad habit according to the Mercola website.

Damage to nail bites

  • 1 – infection of bacteria : According to studies that nails are ideally located for the growth of bacteria and the most famous bacteria found in nails Salmonella, nail clippers helps to transfer these bacteria to the mouth.
  • 2 – Nail infections : Biting nails causes inflammation and inflammation around the nails.
  • 3 – Problems :  Studies indicate that biting the nails causes a gap between two years especially in the front teeth and the roots of the teeth become weaker.
  • 4 – the incidence of some viruses:  There are more than 100 types of viruses can cause the occurrence of different types of cancers, according to studies that biting nails increases the chances of infection of these cancers.

Eliminate the problem of biting nails

  • Hold the hand grip for three minutes each time you try to bite your nails, or use a special rubber ball for tension.
  • 2 – Attempt to reach the reasons for the habit and resolve and stay away from them.
  • 3 – Preserving the pruning of nails by cutting and cooling it regularly, and to take care of its appearance and desire to make it attractive all the time will prevent nibbling.

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