Causes of backgrowth

The reasons for the emergence of back pills, which is considered the problem of pills, the most common skin problems among young people, especially in adolescence, but it bothers the owner, not to mention the pain, most of these young people suffer from this problem, even a small degree. But they may spend much of their time looking for treatment or means to reduce the spots in their skin. What are the ways to treat back pills? What are the causes of its emergence? This article explains why backpacks appear

How to be a pimple

The skin contains millions of sebaceous glands that secrete fat on the surface of the skin through pores. Fat usually helps the skin maintain its health. Pimples form when pores become clogged with dead skin cells mixed with fat. This usually occurs when fatty glands produce fat More than usual.

I’m back

White grains:  appear when the secretion of cells to the sebum and hair follicle closed meet fatty substances under the skin to produce white pills.

Black pimples:  Here the pores are open and visible on the surface of the skin, and as a result of the interaction between oils and air, the black matter is formed in the form of heads.

Rosacea:  A type of  acne hat appears as a pink pill on the skin surface.

Nodules:  In this case the grains are formed in the area of ​​the deep layer of the skin, and if not removed after a short period become stiff and solid and large and painful. 
Psoriasis: They are large, full of pus, the most common types of acne that leave scars and marks which are difficult to remove.

Causes of appearance of different back pills

  • Increased fat secretion reflected in the form of acne that appears on the face and back sometimes.
  • Excessive sweating is one of the causes of back pain. When sweat is excreted and without personal hygiene, this causes dust to accumulate around the pores of the sweat, forming the grains in the back.
  • Narrow clothing works to fill the back pores, which leads to non-breathing pores and thus clogged to generate back pills and clothes that contain a large proportion of nylon does not allow the absorption of fat and sweat is a cause of the emergence of acne
  • Eating fatty and fatty foods increases the level of fat in the body, which makes it appear in the form of acne in different parts of the body and is distributed in the back in particular.
  • Anxiety and stress may be a cause of acne in the back area.
  • Removal and removal of the hair from the back area may lead to inflammation of the skin and the appearance of acne.
  • Exposure of the back area to the sun leads to increased secretion of fat and sweat that accumulate and appear on the back in the form of acne.

Natural Ways To Treat Back Acne

There are various natural ways to get rid of acne on the back of them in the form of marks and in the form of baths, you know us on the most natural ways and try more than one way to discover the most suitable for you and the most effective for your situation.

Bath salt sea to remove backpacks for oily skin

Salt helps in getting rid of grains because it is effective in killing bacteria and preventing its growth. It is a quick and effective solution for getting rid of grains. However, it is not recommended for sensitive skin types. 
1/2 cup of salt 
A clean tub filled with warm water 
Salt is added to the warm tub. The body is then soaked in salt water for 30 minutes. 
If your skin is greasy, it is best to leave the body to dry on its own and then apply the natural moisturizer. 
Duration of application:  This procedure must be repeated twice a day for a satisfactory result within a week.

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