Causes and treatment of poor appetite of children

The weakness of the appetite in children is a problem faced by many mothers especially with the tendency of children to candy and frequent lack of appetite for food, and the mother must focus on the psychological side of the child and its relationship to food addresses the weakness of appetite, says Dr. Mohammed Issa specialist Batinah advises the importance of focusing on attracting the child to eat, to get rid Of poor appetite, by providing food in a different way, highlighting the colors in it.

Causes of poor appetite of children

He told the seventh day that it is not harmful to eat a small amount of food to suffer from poor appetite, but the mother to be keen to increase in this case of the number of small meals for the child during the day, to reach the limit of 6 meals at a minimum, One on all nutrients needed for child growth, from carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and vitamins.

Loss of appetite for the child and how can it be treated?

Treatment of poor appetite of children

He explained d. He explained that the mother should add the missing elements to the meal of the child suffering from poor appetite, including the authorities, vegetables and fiber of all kinds, by presenting them in a different way to be attracted to the child through herring, for example, and add nutrients such as milk on food, yogurt and fruits, Without fat or extra fat. “

Mohammed stressed the importance of containing small meals for the child on onions and garlic to increase immunity, with attention to the child to eat natural juices between small meals, and refrain from eating industrial sweets.

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