Causes and symptoms of vaginal infections

Vaginal infections are a problem that many women suffer from. Vaginal infections cause embarrassment and psychological anxiety. What are the symptoms of vaginal infections?

According to Dr. Magda Bayoumi, a professor of gynecology, vaginal infections may be due to the age of women for the age of Elias, which causes the emergence of vaginal infections in addition to the lack of hormone estrogen and inflammation may occur as a result of the use of means such as condoms, and there are a number of symptoms that reveal the incidence of such infections as the presence of heartburn and foul odor In the vagina with burning during urination and pain at sexual intercourse.

Vaginal inflammation can be examined and diagnosed for the causes and treatment of vaginal infections and often they resort to antibiotics to overcome vaginal problems and infections, as well as the use of ointments containing cortisone. Vaginal infections can cause pain during urination with a fish-like odor.

When you notice these symptoms, the woman advises that you go directly to the doctor until you get the right treatment for her condition and so that she can stop the infections she is exposed to because these infections may affect her and lose her ability to deal in marital life.

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