Causes and risks of ectopic pregnancy and treatment methods.

When a woman is pregnant, it is normal for her fetus to be in her womb but in some cases an ectopic pregnancy occurs. This means that the fetus is trapped in the uterine cavity. This pregnancy is a great danger to the woman and fetus. For women, it causes internal bleeding and may lead to her death. The fetus in most cases will die only if the situation is treated properly. 
If we compare the normal pregnancy with ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg is normally stable in the lining of the uterus, which helps it to divide and grow. In the case of ectopic pregnancy, the fetus is stable outside the uterus in the membranes lining the fallopian tubes and may be in some other places Causing bleeding. This leads to abortion and when bleeding is severe, it can lead to the death of the mother herself.

The following are the cases of ectopic pregnancy: 
– Tube load:
is the most common condition and the fetus is located in the fallopian tube and grows inside it can not be absorbed, which leads to bleeding and abortion and may die because of the mother also. 
Non-tubular pregnancy:
This condition does not occur very often but the fetus is stable in the abdominal cavity or cervix or ovary and may survive the fetus if the placenta is located on the members of the abdominal cavity or on the peritoneal membrane because in this case will reach the blood supply needed The mother must have an operation where the abdominal cavity is opened but the risk will persist. 
– Double load:
This condition is very rare. There may be eggs fertilized two eggs inside and outside the uterus. The pregnancy is not known within the uterus only after the knowledge of ectopic pregnancy in most cases because ultrasound may not reach the pregnancy in the uterus. 
– The question here is how do you discover that your pregnancy is ectopic? We will answer this question as follows:
– You will feel pain at the bottom of your abdomen or severe cramps. 
– When you urinate you will feel pain and you can not urinate well. 
– Bleeding will occur in the vagina. 
When your bowel moves, you will feel excruciating pain. 
– You will feel pain in the lower part of your back and in the pelvic area. 
– You will feel pain in your shoulders because of taking blood to a course contrary to nature.
And these symptoms are similar to the symptoms of other diseases and may not be alarming, but when you feel it consult your doctor immediately to make the correct diagnosis. 
The following treatments will be offered to you outside the uterus: 
– Drug use:
This treatment is early but it aborts the fetus before it grows, which leads to the body of the woman absorbs the tissues that the fetus carried or expelled outside with the menstrual cycle. 
– Using surgery:
This treatment is used after bleeding, and the use of laparoscopy in the abdomen or open the narrowing of the fallopian tube or remove if necessary. 
Do not hesitate to consult with your doctor always, you may find the solution before the complications and if it happened, you have to deal with him until God writes for you and your fetus to survive.

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