Cause of frequent sleep

Frequent sleep and sleepiness have become a very widespread condition among many people. Some people around us sometimes find ourselves in a state of constant inertia and sleep for hours without knowing the cause That is the case, and we have been asked a lot of questions about this, so it was our duty to do a good research in order to identify the cause of the large number of sleep, and the feeling of indigestion for long periods.

The prevalence of frequent sleep

Recently, several people have been complaining about the constant feeling of wanting to sleep for several hours, up to 12 hours a day, which is strange, as it is normal to be hours of 6 to 8 hours a day, and sleep longer, it is It is not unusual at all. It does not stop at this point. It extends to cause a number of problems in the energy of the body, where the person sleeps for long periods, suffers from hours of laziness and inactivity and inability to concentrate or do any of his daily tasks.

Cause of frequent sleep and constant inactivity

  • Thyroid dysfunction : The thyroid gland is responsible for several functions in the human body, and it is known that excessive activity or excessive laziness in the work of the gland affects negatively the health of the body, and its normal daily activity, and may lead to laziness of the gland to frequent hours of sleep and feeling With permanent laziness.
  • Weight gain and obesity : It may seem a little strange, but recent scientific research confirms that excess weight makes the owner in a state of continuous laziness, the desire to sleep for long hours, and the inability to carry out his daily activity normally.
  • Psychological stress and depression : Continuous sleep may be the best way to escape the reality that man lives, where he resorts to sleep involuntarily, in an attempt to escape and away from the surrounding environment, and people around him, causing the case of suffering, and it is not Voluntary and unintended, where the mind finds that this solution is the best, to get rid of thinking about the problems it suffers.

Symptoms of frequent sleep

  • Persistent and persistent feeling of indolence and laziness, despite sleep for long hours, the desire to continue to sleep longer.
  • The human feeling of not being satisfied with sleep, and that he has not received enough rest, after and wants to continue to sleep again, until he gets enough sleep.
  • He finds it very difficult to get out of bed and finds himself without any strength or activity, in order to follow his day, go to work, study, or even sit down to watch television.

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