Care for newborn babies

Many of the mothers ask about ways to care for newborn babies and keep the child clean during the first months. These points should be made by Dr. Nayel, a professor of pediatrics,

Preserving the cleanliness of newborn babies is a simple step can be followed or without any experience:

First, hair washing

Newborn baby hair can be washed by using shampoos of that stage, which contain soft and non-strong substances on the skin of the child and gently on the scalp.

Washing the face

You can clean the child’s face with lukewarm water and use the lotion of the child’s skin, especially if the child’s skin is in need

Third body parts bug

It is recommended that the mother add the children’s bath oil moisturizer to the bathtub for the child to compensate the body, which is missing essential oils and water, as well as that it creates a barrier to protect against dryness of the skin and loss of moisture.

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