Cancer hides in supermarket deals and discounts

The British Society for Cancer Research conducted a study on consumer habits within the supermarket, and found nearly one-third of the food and beverages filled with shopping carts, various promotions for unhealthy foods rich in fats, sugar and salt. The study, which included 16,000 consumers, warned against continuing this pattern of buying, noting that consumers who accept the purchase of discount food are 54% more likely to develop obesity and related serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes than those who Do not care about these offers and discounts.

Families with two adults and two children buy an average of 11 unhealthy food items a month, thus reducing their spending on healthy foods such as fiber, vegetables and fruit.

The study found that half of unhealthy foods such as chocolate, chips, popcorn, biscuits, soft drinks and delicious snacks purchased from supermarkets had discounts and promotions.

Britain is considering proposals to ban any sweets on shelves close to Kashir, as well as offers such as “buy one and get the other for free” in order to limit the attractiveness of buyers, especially children.

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