Canadian diet for weight loss and rapid weight loss

Every lady and girl seeks the dream of fitness and beauty and uses a number of types of diet diets to achieve this dream, but not all diets contribute to the burning of fat, so we offer you in today’s article Canadian diet, which contributes to burning fat effectively and in a safe and healthy.

What is Canadian diet:

Canadian dieting reduces hunger by 81% and prevents fat storage in the body as well as weight loss easily by stimulating Glucagon, a hormone that helps reduce weight and burns fat and fat.

Canadian dieting depends mainly on the cabbage soup because it helps to fill the stomach and burn fat and also purifies the body of toxins so helps to get rid of excess weight uses soup as a diet beside the other main dishes, showing the effect of dieting gradually with exercise and exercise.

Canadian Dieting Rules :

Drink large amounts of water for two liters of water a day at the rate of 8 cups a day to contribute to detoxification of the body can drink mineral water because it contains a type of bacteria contribute to weight reduction.

The main rule is to eat the cabbage soup next to the main dishes (in small amounts, the intervals of the day), where the soup is a solvent for fat and diuretic in addition to it is rich in slow sugar and fiber to help satiety.

Foods used in the Canadian diet diet:

Soybeans of all kinds.

Whole grain wheat.

black wheat .

Brown rice.

White Wild Rice.

Oats and bran.

Pastry and Pasta.

Animal products and dairy products.

Protein foods.

Vegetables of asparagus, pepper, broccoli, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumber and eggplant.

Fruits of all kinds.

Olive oil, flax seeds, nuts and olives.

The forbidden foods in the Canadian diet diet:

Sugar .


Meat processed.

Whole milk products.

White bread.


Butter .

Black Chocolate.

Local fruit juice.


How to work cabbage soup in Canadian diet:

Ingredients: Four garlic cloves, medium onions, medium size crunch, celery branch or two branches as desired, 2 red or green turkeys, 2 and 3 eggplants, watercress, parsley, peppermint omelet and 3 liters.

Method: Wash the above ingredients well and cut and put in a container with 3 liters of water and put on fire for one hour and provide the soup as it is without filtering the vegetables to maintain the benefits and dietary fiber.

Tips to help you choose your food

Dr. Gallup, former President of the Heart Institute of Canada, summarized the following:

First Green:   Eat your green foods without any preservatives .

Second Yellow: Eat a small amount of yellow foods and with great caution.

Third: Red color: Do not take any foods containing red color except on occasions and in certain quantities and with great caution.

In addition to the course of the soup next to meals to help burn fat.

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