Can weight loss be done only by diet and without sport?

Some people mistakenly think that exercise does not affect the period of dieting, but this is not entirely true because sports contribute significantly to weight loss and increase the immunity of the body and increase the burning of fat to this we review its importance in some of the following points:

– Sports enhance the immunity of the body against diseases, bacteria and toxins because it helps the organs to perform their functions at best.

– Sports control the level and blood sugar.

– Sports helps maintain blood cholesterol level and reduce bad cholesterol.

– Exercise increases the body’s appetite for food as a result of burning food after the exercise.

– Sports reduces the incidence of colds and sleep disorders and memory problems.

– Increase self-confidence.

– Organizes heart rhythms, especially aerobic sports such as walking and walking.

– Makes you control the pressure around you.

In dieting period, the sport burns calories and ensures permanent fitness. Dieting helps to reduce weight by reducing the amount of food eaten and the activity of the sport ensures that fat is completely burned and non-return and regain weight after leaving the diet.

– Tips for exercising with dieting:

– Exercise with the first day of dieting after people say exercise after two weeks of dieting to adapt to the body, but the opposite exercise with the diet from the first day the body returns to the rapid burning of fat.

In some cases, the sport increases weight. This is not a fat weight but it results from muscle formation instead of fat.

– Prefer to exercise with diet every three days and then multiply to include all the days of the week is not a requirement Sports difficult or need to walk effort The most appropriate types of sports for dieters and air sports in general.

– Snack fruit or vegetables before and after exercise.

– Drink water and liquids in large quantities because the water alleviates the symptoms of hunger, fatigue and weakness, must be compensated fluids lost in sports quantities of water higher than the normal level of two liters per day.

– Sports day you eat meals that provide the body with energy and contains protein and complex carbohydrates and carbohydrates. Protein is necessary to build muscle. Carbohydrates increase energy in the body and starches supply the body with glucose and maintain blood sugar without defect.

– Mistakes committed by sports practitioners with dieting:

– Eat the same amount of food on exercise day without increase, it is best to reduce the proportion of food taken in the days that do not exercise because the fat in that case does not burn enough and turn into grease.

– Do not ignore the amounts of protein eaten meat, chicken and fish beans so that this harm more than useful because protein is important to build muscle.

– Increase the intake of sugars fast-burning it does not contain the quantities required to raise the rate of body metabolism so you have to replace complex carbohydrates.

– Not to take water only after exercise, but the most correct drinking water in the middle of the exercise because it saves the body quickly toxins and impurities.

– To reduce the amount of food in a way that is not commensurate with the effort exerted and this does not help to begin to eat the amount of food according to the effort and sports chosen. For example, fitness sports are different from walking, swimming and running.

In the last commandments of success exercise simple exercises do not exceed 15 minutes a day, especially with the period of diet.

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