Can pregnancy occur at any time during the menstrual cycle?

Pregnancy occursresulturanium mature egg animal semen and one often wants many couples inworld of a pregnancy soon after marriage and triescouple each monthly cycle forwife ofexperiencepregnancy, butmajority do not know any times can load it occurs, and the wife that Understand the basics of her menstrual cycle and how the body goes through stages during that period so that it can choose the most appropriate time for pregnancy.

The menstrual cycle of women goes through three basic stages:

Stage 1: The body’s readiness to ovulate and the mature egg is ready for fertilization. The second stage is the exit of the egg into the fallopian tube ready to be vaccinated with sperm, which is known as the name of the days of ovulation or ovulation. The third stage occurs as a result of the failure to vaccinate the egg to occur after the descent of the usual menstrual cycle and start menstruation.

The most appropriate time of pregnancy is the second stage during the days of ovulation, where the egg is ready to be vaccinated from the semen, and this period is the most appropriate times of the practice of marital relationship, which increases the likelihood of pregnancy during the days of ovulation.

The egg needs a single sperm to be vaccinated and pregnancy occurs. The egg is valid for 48 hours after the fallout to the fallopian tube. The sperm of the sperm will fertilize the egg for three or four days at most.

The menstrual cycle usually lasts for 28 to 32 days for those who have a regular menstrual cycle, and the egg is mature in the days of ovulation approximately 14 days before the start of the next menstrual period. Knowing the days of ovulation for women is necessary for the success of pregnancy, where the marital relationship can be practiced during that period before the ovulation day and after the end of the days of ovulation another day, where the chances of success of vaccination in that period.

For those who suffer from irregular menstruation, it may be difficult for them to know the days of ovulation. Three consecutive cycles should be recorded to approximate the percentage, to know the days of ovulation or to rely on the signs of ovulation that women may feel.

Therefore, the occurrence of pregnancy is in the days of ovulation where the egg is suitable for vaccination. During the rest of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy can only occur in some women who do not know the dates of ovulation days due to irregular menstrual cycle.

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