Can aspirin be used to relieve menstrual pain?

Many women resort to aspirin tablets, especially Aspirin to get rid of menstrual pain before the menstrual cycle and during the menstrual period, women take these drugs sedation madly to alleviate back pain and abdominal pain and uterine contractions and breast pain that multiply during this period. But does this type of medication adversely affect your health during your period?

In fact, Madam! These sedatives containing aspirin may negatively affect your menstrual cycle and increase bleeding.

Acetylsalicylic acid increases blood flow and thus increases the rate of blood loss during the menstrual cycle, which increases the fatigue of women. So today, O flower, some tips that help ease the pain of the session without resorting to these sedatives:

– Bring to food supplements containing magnesium component that contributes to pain relief.

– Use a bag of hot water on your stomach to reduce aches.

– Eat hot beverages such as green tea and vegetables that contribute to pain relief.

– Eat a banana when you want to eat sweets.

– Exercise for 15 minutes during the session, as it helps to eliminate pain.

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