Calculation of the number of calories in foods daily and accurately helps to lose weight

Many people may think that calculating the amount of food they eat daily is a difficult and difficult task, but it may not be so on the one hand, and its great benefits in weight loss will help to overcome all the difficulties on the other hand.Calculation of the number of calories in foods daily and accurately helps to lose weight

Calculation of the number of calories in food on a daily basis

Researchers from the University of Vermont and South Carolina have found that calorie control in the diet is a very effective way to lose weight, and it is easier than it seems.

The study involved 142 volunteers, mostly female, and 81% of them were obese.

Researchers asked participants to attend one-week weekly sessions in 24-week sessions . They were also asked to record caloric intake on a daily basis through an online application . This enables researchers to know the food intake of participants on the one hand, and to assess their commitment to calorie recording and the time they spend on it.

The food control plan lasted for 6 months, during which researchers measured the time each participant took to record calories daily.

The researchers considered that successful participants were those who lost 10% of their weight or more. They found that most of those spent 23.2 minutes an average day to record caloric intake in the first month, then decreased to 14.6 minutes in the last month of the trial.

The researchers attributed this decrease in the mean time required to record calories to improve the ability of the person to use the application for the registration of calories on the one hand, and trained in the selection of words to search for the meals dealt with on the other hand.

According to the researchers, the most important element is the recording of calories, not the time allocated for recording, so monitoring the intake of calories daily is the decisive factor in weight reduction.

The results of the study were recently published in obesity magazine Obesity.

Source: Medical News Today

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