Caesarean delivery may be your safe choice.

Caesarean section is an operation performed by the neonatal surgeon by opening a hole in the abdomen and uterus and pulling the child out of it. In the Arab world, the percentage of cesarean deliveriesincreases significantly. What are the reasons that lead to the choice of cesarean section instead of normal birth?

Dr. Hana Abdel Moneim, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University, said that there are some reasons why cesarean delivery is the best option.

– The size of the fetus within the uterus compared to the capacity of the pelvis, which may affect the passage of the fetus across the mother’s basin, which makes natural birth is not a better option

– Infected mother with advanced placenta

– Infection of the mother with vaginal inflammation and its presence in an active state, especially genital herpes, which affects the fetus during the descent from the opening of the vagina.

Infections and uterine infections

– The mother is infected with pregnancy poisoning or gestational diabetes with no intermediate

– Placement of the fetus during delivery is not suitable for normal delivery

– Caesarean delivery by raising the probability of Caesarean delivery again.

And about the emergency causes of cesarean delivery, says Dr. Hana

– The inability of the cervix to widen the moment of birth and expansion

– Separation of the placenta spontaneously or suddenly from the wall of the uterus

– The length of the second stage of birth

– The mother has some convulsions due to pregnancy poisoning

– Cases of sliding umbilical cord of the cervix, which may lead to suffocation of the fetus.

– The sense of signs of danger around the fetus such as stopping movement or slow pace of heart, so must resort to the cesarean section quickly.

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