Breastfeeding treats postpartum depression

Breastfeeding does not hide one of the health benefits of either mother or baby. Recent studies have shown the benefits of breast-feeding to improve the mother’s mood and distance from the stress and less that may result from the effort of household matters and child care.

” Breastfeeding works like natural stimulants to relieve the nervous tension in the mother, which occurs after birth ,” says German nutritionist Annike Weissenborn of the Health for Life network in Bonn. ” Breastfeeding hormones are produced from the mother’s blood brain during breast-feeding and after And start flowing mother’s milk and feel relaxed.

Breastfeeding also helps mothers to suffer from poor sleep and postpartum sleep disorders. In addition, the secretion of the breastfeeding hormone on a regular basis reduces the high blood pressure of the infants, which helps to feel a lot of relaxation and reduce nervous tension.

In this way, breastfeeding helps the mother to get out of the depression, which affects a large proportion of breastfeeding mothers immediately after birth , especially female workers.

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