Breastfeeding helps you recover your weight after giving birth

Breastfeeding may help women regain their lengthening after pregnancy and childbirth . During the period of lactation, hormones that restore the shape of the uterus and make the abdomen tighten again. According to the Health for Your Life network in Bonn, western Germany, the amount of energy consumed during a woman’s milk, estimated at 600 kilocalories per day, also helps women get rid of the kilograms gained during pregnancy.

A scientist at the University of Kentucky in the United States of America concluded that breastfeeding did not affect the shape of the breast, comparing breast tissue of mothers who breastfed their children with others who did not. The result was that there were no differences in the strength of the tissue Of them. It is noteworthy that the reason for the change in the strength of women is due to pregnancy hormones that make the tissue more flexible and expandable for the growth of the abdomen and breasts and to prepare the body for the process of development.

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