Breastfeeding does not protect your baby from tooth decay …

Child tooth decay is a problem that many mothers face especially in the early years of a child’s life, during the period of breastfeeding. My lady may be surprised by the tooth decay of your baby, although you do not give him sugars. You may not know that milk, even without sugars, like any other food, remains in your child’s mouth, causing tooth decay, and even breast feeding causes tooth decay to your baby if you stay in his mouth during sleep.

First: How does “decay” happen?

” Caries ” is a bacteria formed on the teeth, and analyzes the sugars and residues of food on the teeth to acids withdraw the salts from the layer of enamel and then begin to dig holes in small , and the longer the bacteria on the teeth of these holes and accumulate the remnants of food, (Ivory), and the same is applied to the inner layer of the tooth (ivory), and moves the same course in the outer layer of the former ( enamel layer ), but faster, since the content of the inner layer ( ivory ) of the salts less than those in the outer layer of teeth and thus decay and drilling holes Faster.

(The highest percentage of salts in the whole body, found in the enamel layer “external dental layer”, and since salts are responsible for the strength of teeth and bones, the enamel layer is the strongest tissue in the entire body) .

Second: What causes tooth decay?

Many children breastfeed immediately before sleep , leaving the remnants of milk on the baby’s teeth, and then tooth decay.

Third: How do you wash your baby’s teeth, especially during sleep?

The solution is to give the baby water immediately after feeding . If your baby is too much to nurse during sleep, you should wash his teeth by taking a small cloth wet with water and passing it on his teeth and nits after each feeding, while sleeping. His teeth after his sleep are so serious that his teeth decay.

Fourth: How to protect your child, Madam, from caries?

  1. Wash your child’s teeth with brush and paste twice a day …

Especially before bedtime. You can only brush your child’s teeth after each meal.

        2. Reduce food between Snacks …

Udi your child on a fixed and certain food dates , it will improve his appetite , and helps regulate entry to the restroom dates , and assisted by a deep sleep at night, in addition to the protection of his teeth ; Vbakaya food on the teeth are constantly working to activate the bacteria and continuous secretion of acids, and therefore tooth decay. Setting fixed dates for food will encourage the child to maintain his or her teeth and will not tire and exhaust himself by taking a bath and washing the teeth every short period.

      3. Give your child healthy food rich in vegetables and fruits …

              And lowers of sugars, acids and sweets in general.

       4. Teach your child to use the toothpick, brush his teeth after each meal …

                Sooak is rich in salts that nourish the teeth.

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