Breastfeeding and pregnancy

Can breastfeeding with pregnancy? Many women who are pregnant during the period of breastfeeding are hesitant . Some mothers may stop breastfeeding as soon as they know they are pregnant, believing that breastfeeding affects the safety of pregnancy and harms their health and fetal health, which is not true.

The pregnant woman may feel a little tired and tired during breastfeeding , but no need to worry, and the mother can continue to breastfeed breastfeeding with some of the following necessary guidelines:

– Drink more fluids daily

– The position of the child during breastfeeding in the right way is very important to avoid pain in the area of ​​the nipple, which may increase during pregnancy.

– The need to pay attention to balanced health food, which combines nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

– Do not leave the child during breast feeding on each breast more than 20 minutes.

– Giving the baby breast to hunger so full, which helps prevent the accumulation of milk inside the breast

– Exercise breathing exercises daily so as not to find it difficult to get pregnant.

Breast pain after breast feeding can be avoided by placing ice bags on the breast.

– Attention to follow-up pregnancy, especially during the first months of the doctor.

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