Breakfast makes you happy all day long

There are some foods that improve your mood in the morning and make you feel happy all day. The German magazine said that food is linked to feelings, mood and good experiences, and that there are certain substances have a direct impact on the psychological state.

Serotonin is the key to the effect of certain foods on the mood of the human being, which is a chemical means affect the mood through the active influence in the brain and intestines, which makes the proportion of serotonin decreases in the body with depression and when feeling hungry.

As a result of this, tryptophan reaches the brain to re-secrete serotonin, and the high rate of serotonin means better mood, and here mental health experts are alert to the importance of breakfast and not to abandon this important meal; As the lack of some food can affect the mood in particular.

Those who believe that vitamins and minerals will be important only for the strong immune system are mistaken. B6, B12, and folic acid are involved in the formation of many neurotransmitters, which trigger the release of happiness hormones.

The German magazine advises protein intake, which promotes the secretion of dopamine, a chemical medium that prevents mood swings and increases concentration. Protein is available in cheese, yoghurt and fish, and to feel happy the body also needs omega-3, available in salmon, mackerel and avocado.

The mood can be improved by a simple breakfast consisting of whole grain breads with curd and mousse, fresh fruit and yogurt.

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